From photographer/stylist, Kate:
I have always been drawn to the modern landscape of the desert. You are able to notice all the incredible natural elements without distraction. The hues, minimalism, and simplicity of that landscape are what inspired this shoot.

From stylist/floral designer, Sarah:
I wanted to use simple ingredients so their shapes and color could be appreciated. In the dessert, growth is sparse, and you are able to look at each isolated piece of growth, and admire it for what it is. For this shoot we used smoke bush, yucca blooms, dried mustard flower stalks, and palm branches to interpret the warmth and minimalism of the desert.

Photography Kate Osborne | Styling Kate Osborne & Sarah Winward | Floral Design Sarah Winward | Dress Reformation | Model Rachel Brockbank | Paper Brylo Wed | Jewelry Anna Rey | Ceramics CM Ceramics