From Minano (the mom-to-be): 
In a constant rush of everyday life, people sometimes forget to stop and enjoy each other. The tender kisses and warm embraces in bed, barely illuminated by the first rays of the sun, become only memories. They are replaced by a distance and weariness created by the rush. But the real feelings are still there, and most times only need a small nudge for us to be reminded of them. For Vadim and I, this nudge was the upcoming birth of our daughter.

We wanted to do this shoot to capture our genuine feelings for each other. We wanted our daughter to be able to see how enamored her parents were with each other, and how very happy they were to be expecting her. In the process, we were reminded of our deep love for each other – enjoying the touches while gazing into each others eyes. Not pretending, but being the real us.

Photography Nastia Vesna | Venue Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou | Food Naked Stables


Comments (2)

Roger Rosentreter | Reply

What a beautiful shoot… Stunning photography!!

Valeria Mameli | Reply

wow, I love so much these tones. This is so styled, and I really love the idea of to celebrate every day not only wedding.


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