Chuppahs are traditionally part of Jewish weddings. The Jewish couple stands underneath the chuppah during their wedding ceremony. The canopy consists of a cloth or sheet, sometimes a tallit, stretched over four poles that symbolizes the home that the couple will build together.  Although traditionally a Jewish tradition, many brides and grooms are embracing this canopy-style chuppah arch in their weddings. These are some of our favorites!

1. (Pictured Above) This traditional chuppah is definitely one of the most beautiful Jewish chuppahs we’ve seen! Click to see more of this Upstate New York Wedding. 

2. Another great twist on a chuppah is this rustic ceremony altar!


3. And this modern wedding arch resembles classic Chuppahs if you love the shape of a square canopy, but don’t want the fabric draping over the top.


4. And finally our own Hannah loved the idea of a Chuppah, but wanted to design her own twist on the traditional idea. Wrapped organically with vines, this birch pole arch served as the perfect place for the couple to exchange their vows. mary-mcleod-amy-osaba-chuppah-arch-greenery3


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