Insurance. To most of us, insurance can be a confusing topic. We know that we need it, but we don’t always know how to compare different policies, companies, and types of coverage. And you know what? Weddings are no different. That’s why we thought we’d leave it up the experts at Wedsafe to tell you how to choose the right insurance coverage for your wedding day!

First things first: weddings are a large investment. No matter if your budget is $10,000 or $100,000, it’s a large investment, and all your biggest expenses should be insured. Wedding insurance companies provide many types of products, varying prices, and like other types of insurance, include different terms and benefits.

1) Do Your Research
Look for reviews of the different insurance companies that you’re considering. Endorsements from wedding reception venues and past brides are a great way to see what people actually think about the insurance coverage you’re considering!

2) Wedding Liability vs. Wedding Cancellation
Understanding the difference between these two main types of wedding insurance is critical. Liability insurance and cancellation insurance are both two kinds of insurance, but offer very different types of coverage for you, your venue, and your wedding. Consider what your wedding needs, and then select the right policy for you.

3) Ask for Recommendations
Just like you want to get referrals for your wedding vendors, it’s a great idea to ask your family members and friends about their experience with wedding insurance. Find out what types of policies they purchased, what type of coverage they needed, and what company they hired.

And remember: the cheapest insurance is not always the best insurance for you. Or, it might! Each wedding is different, and so each wedding will have different insurance needs. You’ll have to consider what your venue requires, your wedding budget, and your tolerance for risk to determine the best plan for you.


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