How to Choose a Colorful Wedding Dress

Would you consider wearing a colorful wedding dress? We think, why not! These days, bridal fashion is trending towards the unique, bespoke and alternative. Sure, the white gown isn’t going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t deviate from the norm if you love color. It’s a great way to express your style and set yourself apart from the rest.

Maybe we’ve convinced you to consider it. If so, how would you answer these questions: should you go subtle or bold? What can you do to make your look as whole communicate a bridal feel? If you wear a color, what should your bridesmaids wear? Will your choice stand the test of time? Do you even care about timelessness?

Let’s start from the top: should you go subtle or bold?

Pastel pink or bright red? Baby blue or canary yellow? Light peach or saturated lilac? This is a great question because (you guessed it) there’s no right answer! You might think that incorporating color is ok only if the shade you choose is a barley-there pastel. It’s true that subtle blushes and blues are closer to the classic white – they create interest without seeming un-bridal. But that doesn’t mean that bolder colors should be disregarded. A bold color can make for an unforgettable and regal bridal look that is entirely you.

Whether you go subtle or bold, how can you make your look ‘bridal’?

If you choose a colored dress, you can communicate a bridal feel by paying attention to the cut, style and detail. A canary yellow tea-length gown might look like a garden party dress, but an A-line ball gown in that same color will do the trick.

Think about choosing gowns with standout details: off-the-shoulder sleeves, dramatic trains, embroidery, laces, and low backs. But keep in mind that a bolder color will already stand out, so in that case, a simple gown with a gorgeous silhouette might be best.

What should your bridesmaids wear?

Of course, this is entirely up to you!  But if you want to differentiate yourself from your attendees, just think about contrast. If your dress is a light color you might ask your bridesmaids to wear deeper, more saturated colors (or neutrals) and visa versa. Or, you can set yourself apart with a magnificent bouquet, statement necklace, flower crown, hairpiece or veil.

Will your dress stand the test of time?

If you choose a colored dress because you absolutely love it, of course it will! Just steer clear of making choices based solely on current trends and you will do fine. Ultimately, timelessness is subjective. It’s about what you will look back on and be happy with.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with choosing something that feels right to you now. Your style might change over time, but your wedding dress will represent who where were and what you loved at that special moment in your life. And that’s what matters.





























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