From the art director:
The heart of Venice beats loudly. There is music, singing, art, opera and a buzz that you cannot help but become captured by. Anyone who has ever had the chance to escape through the narrow streets and glorious Piazzas of Venice will tell you the same.

Our muse is the epitome of Venice, it’s mysterious qualities, and exquisitely enrapturing personality. She is confident and bold, never seeking to hide in the shadows; but rather wants to be seen and adored. She is full of life, beauty vitality. She glitters in the sunlight and captivates you with one look.

Teaming pieces from two iconic fashion houses to create her look ensured that our muse stood out from the bustling crowds of tourists and locals. Her beauty was surpassed only by the outstanding architecture of Venetian locations from Basilica di Santa Maria delle Salute to stunning Scala Contairni del Bovolo. She is truly a woman who embodies the bustling life and beauty of Venice!

Photography Kylee Yee Photography | Art Direction Sundari Ferris | Gown Marchesa Notte | Shoes Valentino | Hair & Makeup Sara Onori | Staircase Venue Scala Contairni del Bovolo |  Fashion Styling Gabrielle Hurwitz | Model Megan Makin  from Lindt Creative  | Earrings Victoria Fergusson | Gold Veil & Crown Katy Howieson


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Imogen Xiana | Reply

These are stunning, you amazing artist you! What a team you and Sundari make, gorgeous girls!

Imi xx