If you’re a photographer hoping for a big break beyond the world of weddings, it’s easy to feel like there’s no clear path to success. But that’s not necessarily true.

After almost a decade in the industry, Tec Petaja has shot outstanding weddings around the world, and been hired by beloved brands like Kinfolk, Airbnb, Afar Magazine, and more.

Today’s feature is just one example of such collaborations, shot on film in London for Kinfolk’s Autumn/Winter 2015 campaign for Oour Collection.

Just like any good story, though, Tec’s journey in photography has taken a few unexpected turns. He’s learned a few crucial strategies for success, and a handful of “musts” for becoming the kind of photographer a brand like Kinfolk might want to hire. Here’s a hint: it’s not nearly as impossible as it feels!

If you want to know more about getting a break in the world of commercial photography, Tec is someone you’ll want to learn from.

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