How Bows + Arrows staff their wedding floral teams

Booking your dream wedding as a florist is always a huge moment. But the excitement quickly turns to… now what?

How much help do I need? What if I over-staff and lose money? What if I under-staff and leave myself disappointed that everything was close – but nowhere near what I had hoped for.

If there’s anyone that knows how to staff their floral team for a successful wedding, it’s Bows and Arrows flowers. From crazy installations to large-scale destination weddings, they’ve done it all.

Here’s some of their advice. You can read the full article on the If I Made blog.

When we first started Bows + Arrows Flowers, we took help wherever we could find it.  A willing attitude was our only requirement…we were pretty desperate for assistance! We even went as far as to have our parents come set up a wedding once or twice. No joke.

As sweet as that was, it’s definitely preferential to have a team with floral knowledge.

Beside one full-time florist who works with us on every job, we’ve realized over time that it’s best to hire staff on a freelance basis. Some of our freelance designers own their own businesses and simply help us out on the side. Others are are content to stick with freelance work alone. It’s a pretty beautiful mix of energy and artistry.

To decide exactly how many designers we need for each event, we look at the bride’s floral budget. We can assure you from our ten years of experience that the budget-to-staff breakdown we use is pretty trusty.



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