Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers is a floral designer who we have always admired. Among the many things we love about her work is the way she allows nature, the setting and environment, and the season to inspire her designs. This gallery is the perfect way to highlight this, with unique winter wedding flowers that we know you’ll love.

While most of us wouldn’t be brave enough to host an outdoor ceremony during winter, this beautiful setting seems to beg for it. This old dock in front of a quiet pond is accented with florals and blankets in a muted palette that don’t detract from the greyed wood; while handmade ice candles give a delicate nod to the season. Inside, the design is warmed up with copper accents and bright green tones in the flowers, while a pussywillow branch installation floating above the guests reminds us of the cool temperatures outdoors.

Read on for more from floral designer Sarah Winward, about her collaborative design for this workshop with Laurie Arons:  
“This welcome dinner was held in the blue canteen building at the ranch. It is this adorable building with a canvas top and walls. We took inspiration from the copper bar in the space, and then built the look of the dinner around that. We filled the table with delicate spring flowers spilling down the table, and created this wild branch hanging installation to float above the tables. Attendees were greeted with a warm drink, and walked through the ranch to the canteen where they were able to warm up around the fire before being welcomed in for dinner. It was such a fun way to start the week!

As a part of the workshop, we also created this ceremony setup so that Laurie could demonstrate and discuss how she approaches the ceremony design and function at her events. We wanted the ceremony décor to be light, and compliment the natural surroundings. We chose this spot right in front of the icy pond for the ceremony, and I created florals by taking inspiration from this location, and kept it delicate so that it didn’t distract from the natural beauty. Simple floral clusters growing from the benches, and some votive holders made from ice at the head of the aisle.”

Floral Design Sarah Winward for Honey of a Thousand Flowers | Photography Jose Villa Photography | Event Planner Laurie Arons Special Events | Wedding Dress  Naeem Khan | Wedding Dress J. Mendel | Event Design + Styling Daniel Tran | Wedding Cake Perfect Endings | Venue The Ranch At Rock Creek


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