We really love the effortless elegance of Tec Petaja’s work. He so beautifully captures his subjects looking completely at ease in front of his lens–real couples and models alike.

At this point, Tec’s got a decade of experience in both wedding and commercial photography under his belt. He’s shot weddings and commercial work all over the globe and worked with well-known names like Kinfolk and Airbnb. Clients and planners love his work ethic, and Richard Photo Lab would tell you his technical expertise is unparalleled.

Still, Tec’s images show more than just the skill of an experienced photographer. Every shot carries the timeless, natural elegance that has become a hallmark of his work.

Over time, Tec’s developed strategies for finding effortlessness in his images, even under the pressure of a wedding day schedule. If you sat down with him for coffee, he’d tell you it really boils down to just three simple things photographers need to remember.

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