Gina and Jislain’s engagement session and story is the perfect example of why a comfortable, natural environment (in this case, the couple’s home) can be the best location for engagement photos. Julie of Julie Cate Photography tells us more:

“Initially when I chatted with Gina and Jislain, my mind was overflowing with ideas for a shoot. I looked for an incredible location and tried to source outfits and flowers. They are a beautiful couple, and I wanted to create something that stood out, something unique. Before our session, I attended the Ginny Au Loom Workshop. I was so inspired by this new movement of capturing authentic moments in everyday situations. I knew I had to scratch my grandiose photoshoot and really attempt to find true emotion in a simple scene. 

During pictures they were so comfortable together. I placed them in the kitchen, gave a few instructions, put on some music, and the moments happened. The simplest things like a hug or a whisper where easy to come by.  I love the authenticity that was captured. It felt real, simple, and beautiful.”

Photographer: Julie Cate Photography | Dresses: Raquel Allegra & Philosophy di Lorenzo | Location: Couple’s Loft Brooklyn


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Julie Christman | Reply

Thank you so much for the feature. Love these moments and this couple.

Diana | Reply

Soo beautiful. Frame worthy!! Actually have a shoot this summer and so thrilled the couple want photos in their home!

Tereza | Reply

Absolutely amazing photos – love the feel, mood, simplicity and how authentic they are. Gorgeous work xx

Ophelia | Reply

Beautiful photos and such a cute couple.

Cindy Habel | Reply

Love! Every image is so beautiful.

Lisa Fitts | Reply

These are gorgeous very well done!!

Greg Coltman | Reply

These images are outstanding!

Ariane | Reply

This is beautiful. I love the simplicity of it all. I love the black and white. I love how comfortable they seem with each other. Beautiful couple to boot.