Here at Once Wed, we love getting to champion both the brides and grooms getting married AND the vendors that serve them. Over the next week we will be talking with our vendors about how they can up their business game so they can build more sustainable businesses. Today, we’re talking contracts. 

Contracts are like bodyguards for your dreams.

They act as a barrier between your business and anything that might, intentionally or accidentally, try to put a dent in all your hard work and hustle.

Most often, we tend to feel like if we sign something, we’re going to get screwed over. Even if we trust the other party, we instinctively distrust the complicated document that stands between us, usually because we don’t fully understand what it has to say.

In reality, a good contract is one that keeps everyone safe. Protection is a contract’s number one job.

At their core, contracts can serve to protect the three Rs of your business: Relationships, Revenue, and Reputation.

Are your contracts protecting you and your business?

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