We heard you!

After the recent launch of Wedding Photography with Erich McVey we received some great feedback from photographers who really wanted to buy the course, but didn’t quite feel like it was the perfect fit for them.

Some of you felt really comfortable with your craft, but wanted to learn how Erich grew his business and brand to become a sought-after destination wedding photographer. For others, you felt confident your business and marketing was sorted, but you were looking to find the missing ingredient in your images. So we wanted to fix that.

We consulted with Amy and Erich and found a solution – to split the course in two.

All of the same, great content is on offer to you, but now you can decide what you and your business need most, be it professional development & business advice, creative growth & technical instruction – or both.

You can make the most of this new offering with our FLASH SALE.

Wedding Photography with Erich McVey: The Craft Course | $599 – save $50

Wedding Photography with Erich McVey: The Business Course | $599 – save $50

Wedding Photography with Erich McVey: The Craft + Business Course  | $1095 – save $100

Discount Pricing Ends Thursday.

Full details at ifimade.com.



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consulenza immagine | Reply

He is one of the best wedding photographer of all of time.
Hes shots are simply amazing. I love his style and his skills.