Today I have such a sweet treat in store for you. The wonderfully gifted, Elizabeth Messina, recently collaborated with the equally talented, Elizabeth Colling, to create a plethora of delicious food stories. They were kind enough to send over the first one to share with Once Wed readers just in time for Valentine’s Day. More from Elizabeth…

I developed this recipe after visiting an amazing apple orchard in Eau Claire, Michigan. To me, the key to a delicious apple pie is using a number of different types of apples, creating a variety of different flavors and textures. This tart can be made in either a tart pan or pie dish. The tart pan creates more of a clean look (and is easier to remove whole from the pan) while the pie dish seems more rustic. The raspberries bring a bit of bright acid and a beautiful color while the sanding sugar adds a nice sparkle and crunch to the buttery, flaky dough. The tart can be made and baked in advance so it really is perfect for a dessert bar at a wedding or party, especially with the heart shaped cutter. Serve with vanilla ice cream and it really doesn’t get much better than that!



3 1/2 pounds apples  (about 8-10 apples)
1 container (8 oz) fresh raspberries
1/2c. sugar
2T. lemon juice
1/4c. all purpose flour
1/2t. salt
1T. butter, cut into small pieces
1 each vanilla bean
1 each egg yolk
2T. heavy cream
2T. sanding sugar
1 recipe pate brisee (see below)


Divide dough in half and roll out each piece to about 1?4” thick. Place one piece in the refrigerator and line the bottom of a 9” tart or pie pan with the other. Place the tart pan in the refrigerator.

Peel and core apples. Cut into 3?4” – 1” chunks. Place them in a medium bowl with  the raspberries, sugar, lemon juice, flour, salt, and the seeds from the vanilla bean. Toss to combine.

Remove both the tart pan and the extra piece of dough from the refrigerator. Place all of the apples in the tart and dot with butter.


Cut out desired shapes with remaining piece of dough and place all around the tart (starting at the outer edge and moving inward.) Refrigerate or freeze pie until firm, about 1-3 hrs., but not overnight.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Make egg wash by whisking together yolk and heavy cream. Brush egg wash over pie and sprinkle with sanding sugar. Place tart on a sheet tray and bake at 425 for 15 min. Turn oven down to 375 and continue baking for an additional 30 minutes, or until the crust is a deep golden brown. The juices from the apples should be bubbling. Remove tart from oven and let cool on a wire rack. The tart is easiest to cut and serve if it sits out overnight.

photography by elizabeth messina // recipe and food styling by elizabeth colling


Comments (14)

Claire at Magic Wand Place Cards | Reply

Wow! What a GREAT idea with the hearts topping the pie. Very cute idea…perfect also for Valentine’s Day.

Baseman | Reply

Yes! Perfect idea!

Libbie Summers | Reply

Really beautiful post. Thank you for this. Love is in the air.

Lauren | Reply

This looks divine! I may just make it as a Valentine’s Day treat. It sure looks the part!

Lauren x
Gordon + Gold

Catherine | Reply

There doesn’t seem to be directions for the pate brisee. It notes “(see below)” but I think it must have been left out.

The images are beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Marilyn | Reply

This looks so delicious! We might seriously have to try this for Valentine’s day. Love the presentation with the hearts!

Karen A | Reply

Love the heart pie crust, so adorable!

Wedding Invitations | Reply

I love this. Such a beautiful tart :D Perfect for Valentines! Thanks for sharing…

Mrs Deer | Reply

Beautiful cakes! I love it!
Thanks for inspiration!

Marta | Reply

Great idea!! I love these pictures.

Noelia | Reply

I’ve known this blog today and I love!
I love the idea!!! I love the pictures!!!

Allison | Reply

I’d love to make this for Valentine’s Day, but it looks like the pate brisee recipe was not added in this post. Can someone help me out? Did I miss it? I’d like to know what recipe was used for the pate brisee. Thank you!

c | Reply

yes please – the missing pate brisee recipe would be really helpful !!!

Karen Gianni | Reply

really lovely! The instructions and pictures makes it look totally doable for a regular, run-of-the-mill baker such as myself. I will have to invest in a tart pan. Thank you so much for this edible art!

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