Diy Table Number Wedding Ideas

 Table numbers always seem to be one of the hardest reception table details to brainstorm when we’re planning a shoot or helping with a real wedding. There are only so many unique ways to display numbers on a table, but Joy Thigpen recently came up with this great little diy wedding idea created with simple wire we sourced at home depot. Obviously, some numbers will be more difficult to create than others, but overall we were really pleased how cheap and chic this idea turned out to be.

Photography by Ali Harper // Styling by Joy Thigpen


Comments (2)

Becky | Reply

I really like this idea and would like to replicate it at my wedding in June this year. Could you tell me what houseplant is used in the picture please?


Bani sen | Reply

Wow what an idea…even this kind of decor will give wonderful photographs….loved it ..