Honey of a Thousand Flowers sent us this gorgeous floral box aisle runner DIY. You can easily re-create the organic style that Sarah created by following the instructions below. Have fun!



Supplies to build boxes for a floral aisle
-3 Fence slats per five foot box you want to make. We used cedar and they cost just under $1 per slat.
-miter or table saw to cut the wood, screwdriver, screws
-stain, brushes
-Thick plastic drop cloth
-floral foam

How to make the flower boxes
1.Cut each wooden slat to 5 feet in length
2. Assemble three boards into a trough shape by fastening them with screws every foot or so.
3. Cut the leftover ends into squares that are the same size as the open ends on the box, fasten them with screws.
4. Stain boxes and let dry.
5. Lay drop cloth plastic in boxes so that it covers the bottom and goes up the edges. I double them up so that there are two layers.
6. Insert bricks of soaked floral foam into the box end to end so that they are fairly snug.
7.Trim back any foam that is over the top of the boxes and trim off any excess plastic or tuck it down.

How to build the Wildlfower Aisle
1-2. Start filling the box with greenery that is full and will cover a lot of the foam
3-4. Fill the box with the next layer of flowers, some medium height flowers and greenery to fill the box, then the taller focal flowers last. At the very end I inserted some light grasses for some finishing texture.

Photography: Leo Patrone | Flowers and Styling: Honey of Thousand Flowers


Comments (11)

kahla | Reply

What flowers were used for the aisle runner?

Emily | Reply

I love DIY and will try this way when my big day

Laura Diamond Bridal Gallery | Reply

What a lovely idea! Looks so fresh and unique.

Brie | Reply

Is it possible to use real wild flowers? Or do they have to be fake??

Mary McLeod | Reply

These were real flowers :)

Erin Duffy | Reply

What kind of flowers did you use for these?

Mary McLeod | Reply

Hi Erin,
She used a mix of Lisianthus and Delphinium!

Caroline | Reply

What kind of greenery was used?


Mary McLeod | Reply

Hi! It was a mix of foraged material and filler greens from the wholesaler.

Carlos Hernandez Photography | Reply

Honey of Thousand Flowers did an amazing job with these. What a great way to do the isle. I bet it smelled so good too.

charlotte | Reply

this has been so so helpful for me for our wedding can you please roughly tell me how many flowers / delphs etc you used in each 5ft box? thank you

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