SPRING! The time of year when almost every flower is in season- it’s the time of the year florists dream about! We are just crazy for spring, and this spring has been especially welcome after the extreme brutality of this past winter. We’ve been ready to welcome this beautiful time of year with open arms since the first signs of winter in November. The bounty of spring inspired Ashley Beyer and D’Arcy Benincosa to create a lovely little DIY Spring Bouquet tutorial. You can use this tutorial for your own wedding, or just create a lovely bouquet for any sort of celebration- maybe even Mother’s day (May 11th- don’t forget)!


Step 1: Start the base structure of your bouquet with greens, I used bay leaf. Also begin building the shape keeping asymmetry in mind with tall wispy blooms such as delphinium. Keep one side a bit taller than the other.

Step 2: Add your focal blooms, the amount you use is totally up to you and the look of the bouquet you’d like. This bouquet is a bit petite so I used five medium sized white duchess peonies. When placing focal blooms, keep the bouquet balanced in weight and shape but keep that asymmetrical shape going with each step to prevent the bouquet from looking too tight or too perfect.

Step 3: Add your accent flowers. I love ranunculus, I don’t think I’ve ever placed an order without ordering some when it’s available. The soft layers of petals really gives a beautiful garden look to bouquets that I can’t get enough of. Use those accent blooms to add height and movement throughout the bouquet. I also used sweet pea, lysimachia, and a few more sprigs of delphinium.

Step 4: Trim your stems evenly. I like to keep my stems fairly short, but you can leave yours as long as you’d like!

Step 5: Bind your stems with floral tape before wrapping with ribbon. Make sure not to bind the tape too close to the blooms or you will lose the beautiful loose shape you have created. After taping, wrap your bouquet with pretty ribbons. I used a combination of different silks in pretty neutrals by Ginny Au.

Photography: D’Arcy Benincosa | Floral Design: Tinge Floral | Graphic: Hannah Lee


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Michael Radford | Reply

Love this! Ashley is such a talented florist and an awesome person!

ac {photographer} | Reply

What a cool photo series. Love seeing how it’s done.

Lauren | Reply

Such a beautiful bouquet! The step by step tutorial is helpful, but I’m not sure I could replicate it with the same results. I love having fresh flowers in my home and arranging them myself would definitely cut down on costs a little bit. I’ll have to try this and see how it turns out next time :) Thanks!

Emily Potter | Reply

Wow, thank you! This is beautiful.

Rebecca | Reply

This is beautiful! It makes me truly feel that spring has sprung and I want to go frolic in the grass and flowers. Lovely presentation and bouquet.

Linda | Reply

Gorgeous photography! I might even try this out for Mother’s Day.

Robb | Reply


Toni | Reply

Beautiful! Love the step by step photos.

Cami | Reply

Wish I were getting married so I could try this out~!!! ;) Love the look!

Heather | Reply

D’arcy! These shots are beautiful–I’m especially in love with the top one. So soft and colorful and tells a great story. Great work, gal! Heather

Terri Lister | Reply

So beautiful! After designing weddings for years in those tight perfect balls this is definitely a challenge! So appreciate the tutorial! Thank you! Please do more!