Over the last few months, while working with Temptu, we have simply fallen in love with every aspect of this amazing airbrush system. Not only does the airbrush foundation give you flawless coverage, but the finished look is also very natural! If you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, while also looking like your most beautiful and organic self, we highly recommend the Bridal Beauty Kit. We’re excited to share this awesome tutorial today that shows you exactly how to achieve perfectly natural wedding day makeup!

MKSadler_temptu_2-1598_2   natural-bridal-makeup-tutorial

Instructions for Natural Bridal Makeup with Temptu

Step 1: Start with a clean, moisturized face.

Step 2: Gently dab Temptu undereye concealer underneath your eye. Tap lightly with your middle finger to blend for full coverage.

Step 3: Set up your Temptu Machine. Take one end of the Flex AIRhose and connect it to the Nozzle of the AIRcompressor. Then connect the other end to the AIRbrush. Insert the A/C Adaptor to the back of the AIRcompressor and plug it in the nearby outlet.

Step 4: Always shake the air pod before every use for smooth color application. Remove the chrome cap and tamper seal from AIRpod.

Step 5: Upon first use, or as needed, pull on the Clear Loop while holding the AIRpod Tip up. Open the Plug before every use to allow makeup to spray. Be sure to close when not in use.

Step 6: To attach the AIRpod, press down on the Release Button and push the AIRpod horizontally into the AIRbrush until you feel it pop into place. To release the AIRpod, press down on the Release Button and pull the AIRpod away from the AIRbrush.

Step 7: Target imperfections first and then blend outwards. Build sheer layers until your desire level of coverage is reached. Turn the Dial to 3 o’clock(the optimal setting for a flawless AIRpod Foundation application). Hold your AIRbrush like a pencil, pointed downward, 4-6 inches away. Gently pull back on the Trigger and move in small circular motions. Stop & look. Repeat until you acheive your desired level of coverage.

Step 8: Using a powder brush, powder Temptu Invisible Difference Finishing Powder as a sheer layer over the foundation you just applied.

Step 9: Apply blush by starting at the apples of the cheeks, sweeping upwards towards the temple. Build sheer layers for a more dramatic flush.

Step 10: Your blush can double as a gorgeous lip stain. Come in close(less than one inch), pulling very lightly on the Trigger. Blot lips together for a gorgeous stain.

Step 11+12+13: Apply highlighter to the cheekbones, eyes, and décolleté to add a pretty sheen to your flawless finish makeup.

Tips For Airbrushing Like Pro

* Find your sweet spot – Always maintain a 4-6 inch distance for a soft, feather-light finish

* Keep Moving – Keep it moving in small, circular motions for a seamlessly blended application.

* Soft Touch – Pull back gently on the Trigger for flawless, buildable coverage.

* Pro Coverage – To avoid over-application, build coverage in sheer layers, only where needed, until you reach your desired finish.

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Creative Direction and Styling: Emily Newman for Once Wed | Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler | Makeup: Amy Clarke | Hair: Christian Marc | Wedding Dress: Rue De Seine Sadie by The Dress Theory


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Victoria Austin | Reply

Ohhh I might need to get my hands on one of these! Doesn’t look too tricky either :) Beautiful photos!

Cheap Wedding Dresses | Reply


I’ve been looking high and low for nearly-identical bridal shoes (first photo). Does anyone know details on these? Thank you!

consulenza di immagine | Reply

Omg what a light and fresh make up!
She sounds like and angel.
I really love a such natural look.
Consulenza d’immagine milano

Stacy | Reply

These photos are so beautiful! Truly considering this system for my wedding day now! thank you xo

Sarah Chancey | Reply

Love how naturally beautiful this is!

Skylar Caitlin | Reply

Love this bridal look! Soft and natural but absolutely photo ready. And they make the at-home airbrush look so easy!

Beate | Reply

Looks great! I love this natural look!

Wedding Pixie | Reply

Great tips, love the tip on doubling up on blush as a lip stain! Wedding makeup goals!

camela | Reply

Great tips, Love the natural looking makeup ❤️

Wedding Themes And Decorations | Reply

Let me tell u it’s just beautiful. So light and elegant and on top of it I don’t need any special training for this makeup for my wedding theme.

kandy | Reply

such perfect photos!

Bruno Rosa Wedding Photographer | Reply

Great tips, natural is always best. I will share with my brides!

Cheers from Ireland!

Bridal Gowns | Reply

Natural is the best – love how the natural makeup looks great here according to proper instructions surely will resulting gorgeous effortlessly beautiful makeup ..be the way you are naturally !

Bridal Gowns | Reply

Natural is the best way ..with proper instructions will result gorgeous make up appearance ..and this article the. Make up so light yet looking naturally beautiful

J. Stud Studio | Reply

Simplicity is always the best and oh so beautiful! The lighting and the photographer were spot on here too!


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