Remember the beautiful lace ballet flats Rylee Hitchner wore at her wedding(you can see the full wedding here)?  You wouldn’t know it, but Cheryl transformed a pair of inexpensive everyday flats from Forever 21 into the delicate, vintage inspired beauties you see above for Rylee. I love this idea not only because is it easy on the pocketbook, but it’s a project any gal with a glue gun, some vintage lace, and a bit of time can undertake. Enjoy!

step by step lace shoes
Materials and Tools

It’s best to use a glue that dries clear like E600.
Sharp scissors
Quick un-pick
Lots of pins
Needle and thread
Lace and tulle, vintage or modern.
Pair of Lacy or soft fabric ballet flats (choose a color closest to the color of your dress and or the lace you will be using).

For this project I used a vintage C1910 tambour lace neck tie purchased at Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta.

Step 1
I like to remove the tape binding the top edge of the shoes using the quick un-pick. This makes the decoration process easier and softens the look of the shoes  when the lace scallop edge is applied.

Step 2
To maintain the correct shoe shape and tension run a row of small stitches around the top edge.

This stage is optional. I find the tulle covers the original shoe fabric  and also creates a softer look.

Cut an 8inch wide length of tulle long enough to wrap all round the shoe.
Fold in half and pin the folded edge close to the sole edge and glue.  Keep the pins in place till the glue is dry.  Trim and tack the top edge, pleating the tulle to fit over the toe area.

Step 4
Pin the lace on the shoes starting at centre back.  I featured the small lace scallops to decorate the top edge of the shoes.  I pinned and pleated the lace where necessary.

Leave 1/2 inch extra lace at the sole.  Fold the lace under to follow line of sole and pin and glue. Add more glue if necessary.  Take out pins after the glue has fully dried.

Step 5
This stage is optional.

Trim down front of shoes to favored shape.    Use running stitches round top edge, pulling tight to fit foot and to stabilize shoes.

Step 6
Apply front lace detail, pinning and stretching to suit shoe style.

Step 7
Stitch and glue,  finish with three pearls.

Step 8
Finish the back of the shoe by folding and glueing the lace.

Step 9
This stage is optional

Finish the bottom edge of the shoes with a length of the small scallops trimmed off the lace.

1st Image: Tec Petaja | Tutorial Photography: Rylee Hitchner | Styling: Joy Thigpen | Tutorial: Cheryl Taylor 


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Izzy Jingco | Reply


If you want an elegant wedding then you most prepare your bank currency but can you have an elegant wedding without spending a lot. Like this pair of Lace Ballet Flats it looks expensive but you can make this you with your extra effort without spending too much.
Very inspiring!

Baby Shower Invitations | Reply

Gorgeous vintage look! We really can’t wait to try this tutorial out – will share feedback as soon as we’re done! :)

sweetquinceaneradress | Reply

I love lace stuffs very much and the lace shoes looks so elegant. I will try but don’t know can i do it well.

Laura Diamond Bridal Gallery | Reply

So beautiful! The lace detail adds such a romantic, elegant touch.

ny wedding venue | Reply

Nice work on this blog! This handmade thing of bride might be very precious; I love to know more about wedding venues and which flowers are used in this venue decoration?

Molly, NYC | Reply

Not that anyone asked: These shoes are just beautiful. But if you’re going to be standing (dancing?) for hours in them (and as long as you’re customizing the shoes anyway) you might consider adding a set of those gel or foam insoles.

Marie | Reply

Gorgeous!! Wonderful tutorial, thank you so much. Can’t wait to make a pair or two go with summer dress dresses.

Phanda | Reply

Simply beautiful!