This week, we’ve been sharing some gorgeous inspiration from the recent Ginny Au workshops (view posts here and here). We love sharing beautiful tutorials with our readers, hoping that they will inspire you to create unique pieces for your own weddings. While we will always love outdoor weddings, they’re not always practical or realistic–but that doesn’t have to stop you from creating an organic foliage arch for your indoor ceremony, like this piece created by Ginny Au and Bows & Arrows Flowers.

Materials Used: 
-Fabric backdrop
-Seasonal branches or vines (from a floral wholesaler, local greenhouse, or forage for your own!)
-Floral snips
-Straight pins

1. Prepare your base surface. First, hang your fabric backdrop. It can be hung from ceiling rafters, attached to a wall or stretched out over a c stand, depending on what your venue has available to you.
2. Create your overgrown arch. Start at the top of the space you are designing by placing a branch that has a natural curve to the stem. Secure it to your fabric backdrop with a few straight pins. Layer on the next branch, moving downwards to cover up the stem from the previous branch and secure with pins. Continue this pattern all the way down to the ground.Repeat on the other side. You can play with the shape to make it more or less symmetrical, to suit your style.
3. Finishing touches. Tuck in any small pieces to the overall design, and don’t be afraid to snip back any big branches that are obtrusive.

Design, styling: Ginny Au | Photography: Heather Hawkins | Flowers and Backdrop: Bows and Arrows


Comments (7)

Tiffany | Reply

I absolutely love the texture of the backdrop behind the arch. Do you know if it was purchased or custom made for the shoot?

Zookbinders Wedding Albums | Reply

That is a beautiful arch and backdrop! Love the color!

UUKnot | Reply

Awesome beautiful shoots.

Vanila Wedding Boutique | Reply

Love it! Natural and elegantly green, great idea!

Dubai Birthday surprise | Reply

Hand-made is always unique… So pretty and so natural

chicnationale | Reply

It looks natural.

Charlie Walkrich | Reply

It’s fairly simple but it looks great! Very good idea!