We loved featuring some new wedding ideas from Lora and Eric Kelley, and we can’t get over this amazing updo that Lora Kelley styled. Today we’re excited to show you how you can recreate this unique wedding hairstyle for your own big day! Keep reading for the full tutorial.

diy-sitch-updo (1)


DIY Gold Stitched Updo by Lora Kelley from East West on Vimeo.


1. Curl the hair (spraying pieces with hot sets by redken) + clip into place
2. Take the hair down and tousle
3. Tease the hair at the root and ends, and clip up the top piece
4. Use clear fishing line + plastic needle to sew pieces up
5. Finish off by using a colored thread (gold pictured) I thought neon would be fun, too!
6. Loosen up by tugging on pieces to get the effect you want
7. Spray that hair! (using Redken Forceful)

Hair and make­up: Lora Kelley  | Photography: Eric Kelley  | Video: Caleb Jordan Lee with East West  | Shirt: Need Supply | Earrings: Net­a­porter | Necklace: Catbird NYC  | Fishing Thread/Sewing Needle/Gold thread: Michael’s


Comments (5)

Stephanie | Reply

This is amazing! I could totally do this one with my hair.

andrea | Reply

i will try it for the weekend party… looks great on the girl in the pics…my hair is similar…

Stacy {Woodsy Weddings} | Reply

This is beautiful and a lovely idea! You could use any color to match your color palette or stick with gold for that shiny accent.

Alexandra Loomis | Reply

This is absolutely beautiful! How on earth are you supposed to get it out again though? I would love to do this for my wedding, but I dont want to be stuck with cutting it out in the evening.

diamond | Reply

With the video it’s really easy)


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