I’m so excited to share this gorgeous tutorial from Honey of a Thousand Flowers and Print in Cursive. These two talented ladies partnered together to create an agate inspired tablescape using gold leaf and organic elements throughout. Today we’re showing you how to make the pretty table numbers, but be sure to check back later this week to see the final tablescape and gold leaf menu!



Agate Stone
Gold Leaf
Spray adhesive
Masking tape
X-acto knife & blades
Black Sharpie marker


1. Make sure the stone surface is clean and dry. Cover with masking tape.Using a sharpie, draw the number or letter on the tape.Using an x-acto knife, cut out the number or letter you’ve drawn.Spray the surface with the adhesive.

2.+ 3. Apply gold leaf and press down with the paintbrush to adhere and brush away extra pieces.

4. Slowly lift the tape, taking care to make sure the gold leaf separates from the tape edge and doesn’t lift off the surface.

5. If you mess up you can easily scrape off the gold leaf, clean the surface and start over. Be careful not to scratch the leaf once you have adhered it, as it will easily come off the shiny stone surface.

Photography: Leo Patrone | Styling + Flowers: Honey of Thousand Flowers | Tutorial: Print in Cursive | Layout: Hannah Lee Designs


Comments (9)

Bellenza Wedding Bistro | Reply

Such a unique and striking decoration idea!

jessica parks rourke | Reply

Love these! Can you please share where you sourced the Agate Stones from?


Tara | Reply

This is so beautiful – where did you find those stones!? we’re all so curious :)

jen | Reply

Great tips, I love this, its really cool

MarylrubyUK | Reply

Nice imagination …………… perfect thought and creativity

Lauren | Reply

So pretty! I’d love to know where the stones are, too! Pretty please?

Megan W. | Reply

Hello! I see that a few people were looking for a source for the stones. I don’t know the source of the original poster but I sell agate slices and slabs in my Etsy shop. You can find it here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/knickknacksshack

Sarah | Reply

Any update on where one can buy the agate stone for this project?