We love simple DIY projects that our brides can easily do on their own, and this DIY Faux Deckled Edge paper DIY from Martha Hatfield is the perfect project for any crafter- beginner or expert! Use this DIY to give your wedding paper an extra special detail. Keep reading for the full instructions.


-Card Stock
-Steel Ruler
-Watercolor Brush

1.  Print your announcement wording onto a sheet of card stock with crop marks for a 5″ x 7″ announcement. If you can’t print with crop marks, use a pencil and ruler to create crop marks.
2.  Dip the brush into water. Wipe off excess water on the rim of the glass. Wet the card stock in between 2 crop marks.
3.  Line up the ruler with those crop marks and hold the ruler down firmly with one hand. Pull up the corner with your other hand and continue tearing the sheet of card stock along the straight edge of the ruler. The moistened card stock tears unevenly giving it the appearance of a deckle edge. Repeat for the other three sides. 

Tutorial and styling by: Martha Hatfield  | Photography by: Kate Osborne


Comments (8)

Stacy {Woodsy Weddings} | Reply

Such an easy DIY that adds to the invite, perfect for a rustic or vintage wedding!

Elizabeth | Reply

The torn edges are a great finishing touch!

Kathryn Bruns | Reply

Perfect as always Martha!

Julia Kristina | Reply

This looks so easy! Now why didn’t I think of that? Can’t wait to try it.

Julia Kristina

Lindsey | Reply

Hello! What type of card stock would work best for this?
And how do you get the crop marks to print?

laura alvarez | Reply

What kind of paper works better for this? Great idea.

Chelsea Heil | Reply

Great tutorial! Do you suggest a card stock that works best? Such as linen card stock or is regular card stock fine to use?


Chris Wooley | Reply

Love this! So simple and pretty. Such a simple way to add some personality to the invitations. It kind of reminds me of a treasure map.

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