How adorable and creative is this fishtail bun tutorial sent over to us from the talented Heather Grace of Garland of Grace Blog? We love this simple yet elegant wedding updo from Heather, and we adore that the instructions on replicating this look are so easy! You could easily recreate this wedding updo for your rehearsal dinner, wedding, or even just a fun holiday party, and you would be the hit of the party with this adorable updo on New Year’s Eve! Pair this elegant bun with some natural makeup and statement lipstick for a chic look. Take a few minutes to try out Heather’s easy instructions for this adorable and elegant fishtail bun!



1. Gather all hair at the crown of the head.

2. Tie with a sturdy hair elastic and place a hair donut or a scrunchie (we just used a thick head band and doubled it over) at the base of the pony to give it extra volume.

3. Pull about 1/4 of the hair out from underneath the scrunchie and fishtail braid.

4&5. Tease the remaining hair in the pony.

6. Take the teased hair and slightly twist as you wrap the pony around the scrunchie. This will give a central, fountain-like look to the bun, similar to a sock-bun. Bobby pin at the base the whole way around the bun to secure a strong hold.

7. Take your fingers and pull apart your fishtail braid until it is a looser weave.

8. Wrap your fishtail around the base of the bun and tuck the remaining end under the braid, securing with one or two bobby pins.

9. Put on your best dress and that bright red lipstick you love! :)

Photography and How To: Garland of Grace


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Elemeez | Reply

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kimiy | Reply

The hairstyle is ao beauty,I want do it with myself.Sometimes I also like go to shop to see a different hairstyle.

Kally | Reply

Nice hair style,, Yes,Put on your best dress and that bright red lipstick you love! Great!

kolkata wedding | Reply

wow…nice hairstyle…trendy yet classic

Nupur | Reply

Yeah!! amazing. Thanks for sharing this hairstyle, I really like it.

Sanjay Mishra | Reply

Wonderful hairstyle. I actually like what I’ve acquired here.
You make your site hairstyle easy and gorgeous to grasp.

Rishikesh Prasad | Reply

Oh Wow!! Really very nice hairstyle..looking beautiful.

shubhashis kar | Reply

WOW!!!!!! Excellent hairstyle..Good Work.