We’re always thrilled to share the results when creative wedding professionals come together to explore their beautiful crafts. This incredible collaboration between the floral masterminds at Saipua and Lucy Cuneo Photography is completed with organic florals that we’re excited to share with you today.

From Lucy Cuneo Photography:
“This past December, we had the great privilege of tagging along with Sarah from NYC’s Saipua to record her creative journey from start to finish.

Clinging to a steaming cup of tea, we cracked open the taxi door and stepped out into the icy Manhattan gloom — it was 7am on a Friday morning in deep December, but already the flower market was jumping. We peered across the street wondering where to begin our coverage of the city’s famous flower district. A familiar face popped out of a nearby shop and we were greeted by Sarah, the creative energy behind Saipua.

For an hour we did our best to keep up with Sarah and Deanna as they weaved purposefully across their familiar beat, gathering and loading great quantities of beautiful flowers into their van. Clutching our cameras tightly for fear of depressing any petals, we traveled among the stems to their Brooklyn studio where we recorded Sarah turning potential into glorious reality. On the Saturday we joined the team at a stately Manhattan venue and shot the table settings fully formed, such an incredible experience!”


Vendors: Floral Design: Saipua | Photography: Lucy Cuneo Photography


Comments (8)

Stacy {Woodsy Weddings} | Reply

Wonderful shoot, it is nice to see the process the florist goes through to create such beauty. Love the height and soft colors in the last shot.

Clare Day | Reply

Dreamy. One of my favourite designers paired with an incredible photographer. Such wonderful inspiration!

Earcandy Berkshire | Reply

The patience and skill that it requires to take the potential of single flowers and arrange them so delicately together to create a master piece of perfectly weaved inspiration is astounding. The arrangements are gorgeous, and the amount of time to dutifully and methodically weave each flower without causing stem breakage is amazing. Sarah is clearly skilled in what she does. Gorgeous gallery.

Agoprime | Reply


Lori Tran | Reply

Sarah Ryhanen is like the Ryan Gosling of florists. Seriously – you just made the day of thousands of florists with this post! Gorgeous work as always!

ALizee Dress | Reply

Wow, so beautiful flowers.Love the vivid tone, it’s really warm.

anna | Reply

Love this post! Color palette is stunning as well as flowers.



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