MV Hand Warmer DIY

Here’s a simple, sweet way to help keep your guests toasty at an outdoor affair…and lets face it, warm hands, warmer heart. Here we’ve wrapped the rather unsightly hand warmers in little woolen envelopes. Its so easy to do! We bought our wool from this etsy seller or you could just as easily recycle old sweaters or whatever else you might find. Just lay the hand warmer on the fabric, cut out the front and back pieces leaving a little extra length in the back for the flap, stitch around the three sides, cut a slit in the flap and add a button. easy peasy.

photos by Tec Petaja


Comments (9)

Katie | Reply

Oooooh I LOVE this!!!

Brancoprata | Reply

BEAUTIFUL…. you guys did an amazing job… as always!!!

Miu | Reply

They are so sweet!!

Anne | Reply

These are so cute! Anything with wool and buttons is a winner in my book. :)

Erika {Borrowed&Bleu} | Reply

What a fantastic idea! I love the mix of different buttons & patterns on the wool!

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