DIY Low Budget Wedding Centerpiece Table IdeaI’m talking really affordable…like less than $10. We picked up a white oval serving dish from T.J.Maxx for around $5, put a brick or two of water-soaked floral foam in there, and then walked around outside with clippers and just arranged foliage as though it were flowers. Its a nice, simple way of incorporating nature into a variety of aesthetics (just change up the container and table decor)–especially for those having a wedding on a tight budget and/or all those who have written us saying they want an outdoorsy wedding but are having everything inside. Just look for a variety of leaf sizes and shapes. And I’d recommend doing a test run to learn which greenery will hold up for several hours (some will wilt quickly even in floral foam).


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Monica | Reply

this is such an awesome idea! i wish i thought of this when i was planning my wedding last year. i love the green foliage. i don’t even miss the flowers!

Emily | Reply

I love this! I was thinking of the same idea for a garden party I’m planning but hadn’t thought it through yet. Of course floral foam is a fantastic idea!

Anne-Marie | Reply

Love it. Thanks for the great idea!

jackie | Reply

oh bingo. this is genius. thanks :)

Mira | Reply

If you condition the foliage by placing the stems in a bucket of water overnight it will be less likely to wilt and will look fresh longer. Place the bucket in a cool place. Crush woddy stems. has more info.

joythigpen | Reply

oh, great tips, Mira! thanks!

Caroline {whatever is lovely} | Reply

so stinkin’ smart! we did something similar to this look at our wedding with ferns (as cheap ceremony decor)– it was actually a very delicate touch!

Mira | Reply

OOPs woody stems, not woddy ones

Ashley B. | Reply

Ah! It’s beautiful and I can afford it! Thank you! :)

Aurora | Reply

I love this idea! Unfortunately, I think if I tried to walk around my NYC neighborhood snipping trees and bushes I’d be issued a ticket.

Bebecita | Reply

This is a lovely idea and it’s really simple and easy to make! Thanks for sharing! =)