DIY Wedding Christmas Candles Simple Easy Candleholder Idea

Kelli Hunt created a little tutorial for us based on the beautiful porcelain candleholders from the board yesterday.

DIY Tutorial Simple Candleholders

Items needed:

-Rolling pin
-Taper candles
-Pizza cutter
-Wine cork or something of similar size
-DAS Air drying modeling clay

Step 1: Roll clay out to about an 1/8″ thick with the rolling pin.

Step 2: Cut clay with pizza cutter into 3/4″ strips, and cut ends to a diagonal.

Step 3: Wrap strips around wine cork, then take the clay off the cork.

Step 4: Place candles in holder to test the correct width. Take out the candles and let the clay air dry overnight (about 10-12 hours).

Step 5: Paint clay to desired color (white for this inspiration board).

Step 6: Place candles in holders and you’re finished!


Comments (11)

Sarah winward | Reply

These are beautiful!

Justine | Reply

Such a simple, pretty idea! I love the look of a bunch of candles grouped together. It adds such warmth to the table.

Kelli Hunt | Reply

yay! thanks for the feature! :)

chelsea / oh my deer | Reply

i LOVE these! i just may need to make them for a christmas party on sunday… xo!

Emreen | Reply

Simple, beautiful and perfect… !!

Ashlee Raubach Photography | Reply

Who knew those were that simple to make?! Thanks for sharing!!

Ed | Reply

Brilliant, simple idea!

Isabela | Reply

Wonderful idea…

Andrea | Reply

These are really lovely! I think I might just have to make them… and soon!

Andrea x

Clara de Paris | Reply

This is a great idea! Just have to paint it the color you wish and it makes a simple yet beautiful candle holders. Thank you for sharing

Jules | Reply

Your entire tutorial has been published here: I had no idea it was yours until I looked at the tiny print under the last set of photos.

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