The lovely ladies behind Bird and Banner were kind enough to send over an adorable DIY for me to share with you this morning on Once Wed. Erin and Nicole are brilliant when it comes to anything paper, so I hope you enjoy this little project as much as I did…


I’ve always loved these little Scandinavian heart baskets that my friend taught me to make years ago. They are traditionally made and used at Christmas time in Denmark. I made a woven heart out of my wedding invitations as a gift to my husband on our first anniversary. We wanted to follow the tradition of giving paper, plus we had a bunch of leftover invites! You can make these out of any paper ephemera from the wedding, it just need to be large enough to fold over and fit the template. Heavy card stock can be difficult, but you could make a color copy on to nice paper if your invitations are too thick. These little hearts have so many uses. They could be incorporated them into your wedding favors, table decor, or escort cards. They also make beautiful holders for small gifts. To read more about this project, click “more” below.
– Erin and Nicole

Supplies: Invitations, Bone Folder, Ruler, Pencil, Scissors and Double Stick Tape. You will also need some cardstock for the template.
1. Estimate the size of the heart you will make by folding your papers in half.
2. Create a template for your heart by drawing a square and adding an oval arch at the top. This is one half of the heart. Make sure it fits your paper.
3. Trace the template onto each of two papers with the flat end along on the fold and cut out. Mark one side A and the other B lightly in pencil (you’ll want to erase them later).
4. Put the two shapes together to form a heart and note where they overlap. Then cut two evenly spaced slits into each shape just past the mark (it makes the weaving a little bit easier to cut past the mark).
5. Now you are ready to weave the shapes together to form the heart.
Start with the two halves still folded with the point of the heart towards you.
• Thread the first strip of A through the inside first strip of B
• Thread the second strip of B through the first strip of A.
• Thread the first strip of A through the third strip of B
Alternate this process for the other strips to complete the weaving. It’s helpful to “pop” open the strips in order to thread through. Your heart should open and form a little basket. If it doesn’t try again. It can be tricky but once you get it you won’t forget.
6. All that is left is to cut a handle. Folded and tape into place. Happy Anniversary!
time: 20-30 minutes
cost: free!


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The Perfect Palette | Reply

how crafty! we likey!

TH | Reply

SO cute, can’t wait to make mine!

eveline | Reply

These are lovely……..thanks for sharing the project!

Elizabeth | Reply

In Denmark, we weave a bunch of these Christmas hearts, fill them up with candy and hang them on the Christmas tree as decorations – the most beautiful ones are usually reused every year. I have some pretty ones, which my late grandmother made, and which I use to adorn the tree with every year.

I never thought of making them out of wedding stationary – what a gorgeous idea! I’ll definitely make some out of left over wedding invites next Christmas – I can just imagine how lovely it will be to decorate the Christmas tree with these every year, and pass them onto my children some day :)

Bohemianbailie | Reply

My FI is from Sweden and they also make these for Christmas and his mom has adorable ones from when he was in elementary school! I am now thinking she would be impressed to see some at the wedding!!

Mary | Reply

These are so cute! I can see them being used to decorate a backyard reception, as well. Thanks so much for sharing-I know what I’ll be trying tonight!!

Alison | Reply

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I’m going to make these with my children.

edyta szyszlo photo | Reply

SOoO cute! had to tell me readers about it ;)

nataly zor | Reply

hard but at the end worth it :D

Chloe Webber | Reply

Does it work with just normal celotape?

ramya matangy | Reply

how do i weave.which strip is done with the 1st strip .seems confusing