Wedding Ceremony Wreath IdeasWith the holidays just around the corner, I can’t think of a better time for Rylee Hitchner and Katie McDaniel to send over this beautiful tutorial for wedding ceremonies wreath, which would also be a beautiful addition to your front doors during the Christmas holidays.

Katie incorporated white flowers for a wedding ceremonies wreath, but you could stick to evergreen pieces with maybe a few holly berries sprinkled throughout if you’re planning to create a wreath to go over your mantle or on your front door.  A little shrubbery from the yard, some floral tape, wire…voila!

DIY Wedding Ceremonies Wreath

Tools and Materials
Floral Wire
Wire Cutters/Clippers
Water Hats
30 greenery clippings as well as textural sprigs and even flowers. Evergreen plants work well. I chose silver berry, silver dollar eucalyptus, and fruiting olive branches. For textural accents, I added butterfly bush buds and dusty miller. I also used white lisianthis as blooms.

Step 1. Choose three sprigs (6-8 inches each) and layer them together. Tie wire around the stems. Repeat to make at least ten bunches. Make more for a larger wreath.

Step 2. Layer one bunch on top of another. The tips of the stems should be overlapped halfway up the stems of the bottom bunch. Attach with wire. Continue layering bunches over each other until the garland is your desired length.

Step 3. Form the garland into a circle and layer the last bunch onto the first. Tie with wire. If you want a perfectly circular wreathe, you can attach the circle on top of a wire form (found at floral supply or hobby stores). I prefer not to use a form in favor of a more organic shape.

Step 4. Once your wreath is securely wired together, add textural sprigs randomly throughout, attached with wire as well. Lastly, put water in water hats and insert blooms. Wire the water hats into the greenery so that the flowers are dispersed around the wreathe. Voila! Step back and admire!

Other ideas for greenery (you may have it all on your yard): Rosemary, Camellia branches, Boxwood, Cedar, Cotinus, Holly

Textures to try: Bittersweet, Cotton, Scabiosa pods, Lotus pods, Bunny tail grass

Photography by Rylee Hitchner // Wreaths and Tutorial by Katie McDaniel of Cloth of Gold


Comments (10)

Megan {Bayside Bride} | Reply

Gorgeous! Looks pretty simple too!

Jocelyn Pascall | Reply

I love this. It is so simple and so, so sweet. Really charming.

DIY Flower Expert | Reply

Absolutely beautiful! Sharing with my DIY Brides!

Ellie | Reply

Fantastic tutorial, thank you! You make it all look really easy so I’m off to give it a try! x

Kate | Reply

Beautiful! Any idea how long the greenery lasts? How far in advance could you make this, minus the large white flowers and be ok?

Nona | Reply

Where can you find affordable greenery?

Mary McLeod | Reply

Hi! You can find greenery at most wholesalers, and even in your own back yard! Pick a few pieces to see what does well out of water and use that if it stands up well :)

Rachel from Rose Tinted Home | Reply

I love this! How long do you think this would last? I’m thinking about DIYing a few elements of my wedding but I would really love to be able to do them on Thursday (wedding on Saturday).


Mary McLeod | Reply

Hi Rachel,
If you use oasis (or floral foam), and keep it moist, your wreath should last! It’s even better if you can keep them cool in a refrigerator or cool room.

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