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We were so inspired by this little letter from one of our favorite illustrators, Anna Emilia, created that we thought; “hey! that would make an adorable handmade wedding invite!”  You could totally do it! (just paint more paper than you think you’ll need and only use your favorites.)

Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Stay tuned tomorrow for a beautiful table-scape just in time for Spring!


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Juliana | Reply

Oh my, so beautiful and creative! I wish I could make some of those myself!


Color Collective | Reply

Love this idea!! So beautiful!

Kirby {Colors of Honey} | Reply

amazing! great colors and I love the texture in the paper.

xo Kirby

Alexis | Reply

Oh my goodness, those are incredibly beautiful! I will definitely keep this in mind for my own wedding. Thank you for sharing!

Sara | Reply

I *love* this idea! Textured paper & romantic water color… Swoon!

Jess | Magpie Paper Works | Reply

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love the sweet cut out reveal on the pocket.

Laurel | Reply

Love the palette and paper texture! Fantastic DYI idea.

Emily | Reply

LOVE these! they’re just the right amount of pretty and colorful without being too “undone”

Sue | Reply

They’re gorgeous! Love home made invites – such a lovely personal touch. Must dig out my watercolours and have a go.

Anny | Reply

nice job – i guarantee just you have this kind of wedding invitation, very personal touch

melissa | Reply

How wonderful. I’d be so delighted to receive one of those.

Meghan | Reply

Oh this is so great!! I was just reading something yesterday about how “in” watercolor designs are this spring too. For the trendy bride, this is great, and for a more classic look too… it’s so versatile. Great post!

Ryan | Reply

Those invititations are so cute. I would love to receive one of those.

Rebecca | Reply

the color palette used here is just beautiful !
lovely idea…

Shannon Crider | Reply

Love the invite! My fiancé and I are becoming a blended family in June- I have been incorporating the girls in as many ways as possible so that they are a part of the celebration…the moment I saw these invites…I put the professional invites aside…pulled out the watercolor set and let them begin to paint with their own personality! The girls are 5,9 and 13… The invites should be very unique to say the least! Thank you for the beautiful post… Just in time.

Prosklitiria Giota | Reply

It seems i’m the only one who doesn’t like them.

Ariane | Reply

I love these! Where did you find the blank stationary to paint on?