Diy Wedding Bouquet Tutorial

Like promised, here is our step-by-step DIY tassel making made easy! Incorporate these tassels into bouquets, place settings, escort cards, napkin rings, favors, you name it–get creative! DIY wedding ideas can seem daunting at first, but this tassel making video should make it a bit easier for you. In case you missed our tassel posts from yesterday, you can see how to put this DIY tassel making tutorial to use via our tassel wedding place setting ideas and our tassel bouquet.  Now go make something pretty!

Video: Rylee Hitchner // Styling: Joy Thigpen


Comments (3)

Wedding Shoppe Inc. | Reply

What a fun DIY! We love these personal touches!

Blooms By The Box | Reply

That is such a great project if you plan on doing your own wedding flowers! Those peonies are so beautiful, when they open that much it really ads texture to your arrangements!

neha jain | Reply

awesome post, thanks for sharing