I’ve been seeing more and more projects recently involving handstamping and even though I don’t consider myself a very creative/crafty person, I have to admit I’ve been considering trying it out myself. This project by Laurie seems like a great way to get my feet wet with colors and textures before actually starting to create my own stamps by hand.  It also never crossed my mind to use a pin frogs as a place card holder either, but after doing a little searching on ebay yesterday realized you can find them in all shapes and sizes. The vintage pin frogs look especially fun…


What You’ll Need
Small Envelopes- one per guest  (I used # 1 coin envelopes 2.25″  x 3.5″ i)
Small Flower Pin Frogs – one per guest  (For those of you
unfamiliar with pin frogs, they are placed in the bottoms of vases or
dishes and used for flower arranging.  The stems are stuck into the
pins, and held upright. They come in handy when arranging just a few
Address Labels (I used 1″ x 2 5/8″
Flower Seeds (use a selection of seeds with romantic names like Love in a Mist, Sweet Peas or Forget-Me-Nots)
Place Cards (labeled with the names of your guests)
Floral rubber Stamps
Ink Pad
Computer and Printer
Rubber stamps are from Inkadinkado’s Garden Delight collection.
Ink Pad is from Color Box.
Coin envelopes are available at Office Depot, or any other office supply store.
Floral Pin Frogs are found in the floral section of most craft stores, or on line at
1.  Begin by inking up your floral rubber stamp, and stamp the front of each of your small envelopes.   (see figure 1)
2.  When the front side of the envelope is dry, turn it over and stamp another floral image on the back side.  (see figure 2)
3.  Fill your envelopes with a pinch or two of seeds and seal.  (see figure 3)
4.  Type the seed planting instructions into a label template and
print out your labels.   Stick the instructions on the back of the
envelope.  (see figure 4)
5.  Stand your seed packets up in your floral pin frog.  Put your
place cards in front of the packets and set at each place setting.
(see figure 5)
What it Cost
Coin Envelopes $14.99 for 500
Address Labels – $10.99 for 750 labels
Floral Pin Frogs – $3 each (you can get discounts for bulk from wholesale florists)
Rubber Stamps – $10
Seeds – $.99 – $1.50 (one packet was enough to fill 3 – 4 envelopes)
Ink Pad – $4.00

Thanks, Laurie!


Comments (10)

Heather | Reply

So sweet. The white vines against the little envelopes is a beuatiful contrast.

Carolyn of Serendipity & Spark | Reply

I love this! I hand stamped small envelopes for my save the dates and it is really simple but looks great! Thank you for sharing these.

Christine | Reply

This is adorable! I actually work at an old fashioned mom/pop garden center where they sell seeds in bulk, and I keep wishing some locals would get on board and do this!

Jeska | Reply

I never heard of a pin frog before! : )

This is such a super idea. and so simple. | Reply

These seem so simple yet so elegant! Thanks for sharing them!

pdxKate | Reply

What a great idea! Thank you for sharing! I think I am going to use this idea for my wedding (and I wasn’t even going to do favors!). Thanks again!

Jaime | Reply

Pin frog! Learned something new today. :) These are lovely and I’ll definitely try them out. Thanks Laurie!

mary walmer | Reply

The seed packets are lovely-can I suggest a different kind of ink pad in the future though to make your life easier-I am sure you had trouble with drying time with that kind of ink-pigment inks take FOREVER and smear so easily-my suggestion for a fabulous crisp white ink would be BRILLIANCE ink-it will dry much faster-they also have amazing metallic colors available. You can find them at most craft stores. I adore stamping and am always excited to convert more people…better supplies equal better results which leads to more fabulous projects!! YAY.

Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

The white ink looks really nice.

Jun | Reply

What a lovely idea!