The new Martha Stewart Weddings is filled with great DIY ideas, so I thought would feature one of my favorites. I love how you can personalize this “wedding tree” to fit any reception just by choosing different ribbon and fabric to wrap the branches with. Granted, this DIY is probably a little bit more time consuming than some of her other projects, but if your a talented sewer it might be perfect for you.


Supplies and Materials
Rickrack,ribbon, or woven fabric
Artificial stamens
Milliner’s sewing needle
Floral wire and tape
Liquid seam sealant
Tacky Glue
For fabric, ope for a lightweight cotton(such as most quilting fabrics), since they can be easily torn along the fabric’s grain.

How-to Ribbon and Fabric Flowers
“For fabric flowers, tear fabric into 1-inch strips and cut to 8 inches long. For ribbon flowers, us 1/2-inch ribbon cut to 4 inches long”.
1. Use thread in matching color(knot the end) to sew a running stitch lengthwise along one edge of the strip or ribbon.
2. Slide fabric along thread, drawstring style, to gather.
3. Bring ends of fabric together, right sides facing, and sew. Snip off excess seam allowance, and apply seam sealant to cut edges of fabric to prevent unraveling. Fold a few stamens in half, then slip a 10-inch floral wire through them at the fold; fold the wire in half, and twist to secure. Insert stem into center of flower so stamen heads emerge just a bit; add a dab of tacky glue to secure, and let dry. Wrap stem in floral tape. To decorate favors, glue flowers to fabric bands.

How-to Rickrack Flowers
“Count 16 points along lower edge of rickrack; snip with cut edges pointing upward.”
1. Knot thread, and sew through the points along one edge.
2. Gather rickrack onto needle as you sew.
3. When entire strip is gathered onto needle, hold tightly, and pull the thread through firmly; then stitch through the first fold and pull tight.
4. Bring ends of rickrack together, with right sides facing. Sew, then trim off excess seam allowance(do not cut thread).
5. Apply seam sealant to raw edges.
6. On underside of flower, backstitch points together; anchor end of thread with tiny stitches. Fold a few stamens in half; slip floral wire through them at the fold, fold wire in half, and twist to secure. Insert stem into center of flower; dab on tacky glue to secure, and let dry. Wrap stem in floral tape.


How-to Wrapped Branch
1. For each section of branch, tie 1/2-inch seam binding to bottom of branch(secure all knots with a dab of tacky glue beneath them). Pulling slightly to keep seam binding tight, wrap it around branch, overlapping by about a third(keep ribbon tight during wrapping to ensure a snug fit).
2. When you reach the end of branch, tie a knot, and trim excess to create a “leaf”. If you run out of seam binding mid-branch, tie loose end to branch and trim closely; then tie a new ribbon, trimming excess to create a leaf, and continue wrapping.
3. Glue on flowers and extra ribbon leaves where desired. Place dense floral foam into a vase and arrange branches, inserting them into the foam.

{Photos and project c/o Martha Stewart Weddings}


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