I am so happy to have Livy from the lovely blog, A Field Journal, back again today sharing another one of her beautiful tutorials. I’ve been seeing quite a few elements of aged paper in everything weddings recently and have to admit I’m liking what I’m seeing. Chelsea used pages from a vintage poetry book as a stunning background for this amazing bridal shoot recently and I adore Livy’s interpretation of paper cones below using old sheet music. Enjoy!


A variation on a classic, these paper cones are simple to make and
quite versatile. Filled with favors or flower petals, they’ll add old
fashioned interest and give the illusion of intricate craftsmanship and
time consuming detail – qualities you can achieve easily with a aged
sheet music and a craft punch.



1. Paper punch While cutting shapes freehand
is an alternative if you’re only planning to make a small number of
cones, making them in larger quantities is much simplified by the use
of a paper punch. The one shown is from the Martha Stewart Crafts line.
For a variation you might consider alternate shapes – like leaves,
flowers, etc.
2. Vintage sheet music Old papers with music or text lend a true
vintage feel to this craft – they can be found at flea markets, thrift
stores, yard sales or etsy.com.
3. Tacky Glue
(for adhering butterflies) I used Aleene’s Tacky glue; sturdy and fast
drying enough to keep the butterflies “perched” on a narrow fold for
the three dimensional look. Keep in mind this glue is not acid free –
so if you are planning to keep your craft for a long period of time
that is something to consider.
4. Glitter
5. Scissors
6. Clothespin
(helpful, but optional)
7. White Glue (for adhering glitter – I usually find it’s better to work with a thinner glue)



Roll one sheet of paper into a cone shape, gradually working with it to
get it to taper off to a point. Glue with a thin layer of tacky glue,
using a clothespin to hold in place until dry.
2. If necessary, trim excess paper from cone and save scraps.
Punch or cut butterfly shapes from scrap paper and glue around rim of
paper cone, overlapping for interest. To create three dimensional look,
fold butterfly in half, apply a thin bead of glue along edge and hold
in place for a few seconds until the glue begins to set.
4. When completely dry, thinly apply white glue to desired areas and dust with glitter. Let dry and enjoy!

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Comments (10)

Vivian | Reply

So sweet. I almost like it better without the glitter though. Im definitely tucking this away in my wedding folder.

AnitaWeds | Reply

These are lovely! I really like the sheet music, but I can imagine them with pages from old poetry colections. So pretty!

megan | Reply

This is so incredibly cute! Definitely one of my favorite diy projects you’ve had on once wed!

tessa | Reply

so sweet and simple.

Loralee - No Fuss Fabulous | Reply

Beautiful! I just love this idea!

Blaze Danielle | Reply

Beautiful post! Emily, I want you to know, I am constantly checking your blog! You have the sweetest taste, and I love all the soft imagery you chose to post! Thank you for all the inspiration!! :) xo!

michelle | Reply

my fiance’ is a musician and this is a perfect way to incorporate his love for music into the decorations!

Jasmine | Reply

It is VERY cute. But please do not use original documents of any kind for any sort of scrap booking – it is so easy to photocopy copyright-free images, print etc and to age them for use. After all – these notes and words were once written by musicians and artists like ourselves. They deserve respect and to be preserved intact for the future.

Heidi Woodruff | Reply

All my favs in one: vintage sheet music, a cone, butterflies and for a wedding! I’m saving this idea!