diy paper wreath


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What You’ll Need:
Styrofoam Wreath Form (I used a 14″ wreath)
Ribbon or Seam Binding (The wider the ribbon, the less you’ll
need.  I used a 1/2″ seam binding, which is pretty narrow, and it took
roughly 20 yards to cover my form.  If you’re using a 1″ ribbon, 10
-12 yards would probably be plenty.)     
Petite Baking Cups or Candy Cups (about 1.25 inches in diameter)   (70 – 80 total)
Decorative Paper ( two coordinating styles)
Round-Head Pins (approx 20)
Flat-Head Pins (approx 50)
Paper Glue
Flower Shaped Craft Punch
Circle Craft Punch (smaller than the diameter of your cups)
All of the supplies for this project are readily available in your local or online craft store


1.  Begin by pinning the end of your ribbon to the backside of
your wreath form using your flat-head pins.  Wrap your wreath form with
the ribbon slowly and carefully, overlapping slightly, until your form
is completely covered.   The smaller the overlapping is, the less
ribbon you will use.    Trim your ribbon tail, and secure on the
backside with a pin. (see figure 1)
2.  Cut a short length of ribbon for a hanger, make it into a loop, and pin it to the back of the wreath.  (see figure 2)
3.  Take one of your baking cups, fold in half, then quarters,
then eighths to make a small fan shape.   Hold it at the point, and cut
your fan into  a tear-drop shape.  Unfold and flatten the paper. Your
paper should be shaped like a flower.  (see figure 3)
4.  Take another baking cup, and place it in the center of your
flattened flower. Stick a flat-head pin through both paper layers.
(see figure 4)
5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 and create 35 – 40 flowers.
6.  Pin all of your blooms to your wreath form, leaving a slight gap between the flowers.   (see figure 5)
7.   Take your circle punch, and punch out one circle from your decorative paper for each flower.
8.  Adhere a circle in the center of each flower using paper glue (see figure 6)
9.  Use your floral craft punch to punch out 20 flowers from your
second sheet of decorative paper.  Stick a round-headed pin through the
center of each flower.   Randomly stick the flowers into the wreath
form.  (see figure 7)
10.  Display your wreath on a door,  wall, or on the back of a
chair,  It hardly weighs a thing, so it only takes a pushpin or tack to
hang it.
What it Cost:
Wreath form – $2.49
Seam Binding – $1 a spool of 100 yards  (it was a thrifting find, generally it runs  .30 – .70 a yard)
Paper – .50 per sheet
Baking Cups – $3.00 for 350 cups
Pins – $1.99
Flower Punch – $4.99
Circle Punch – $4.59

Thanks, Laurie!


Comments (5)

Melissa | Reply

How fun! They almost look like daffodils with the cup in the middle. =)

Larissa | Reply

Who knew cupcakes liners could be so fun? This wreath is oh so adorable!!

Shalanda | Reply

I love this idea, I make the diaper wreaths for baby showers but its gets expensive after a while but this idea is super cute and super cheap! You could also incorporate the baby bootie rose buds into the wreath for a different effect.

myDIYweddingday | Reply

This is gorgeous!!! You’re so clever to use the cupcake liners, they look amazing and are so practical.

Lenetta @ Nettacow | Reply

I agree with Melissa – I’m totally thinking yellow liners and daffodils. I linked to this post on my blog!