Laurie Cinotto and I do our best to feature projects every week on Once Wed that are not only modern and beautiful, but easy to execute and inexpensive. Actually, Laurie brings the projects to you every week…I just upload images and instructions, but sometimes I do give input:). I love the pomander ball Laurie created for us this week. Fresh flowers tend to be really expensive, so this paper pomander is a great alternative for a bride who is working with a tight budget. Enjoy!


What You’ll Need

6 -7 Yards of seam binding

3 Sheets of 12′ x 12′ scrap
book paper

70 Pins with round heads

1 Styro-foam ball (5′ diameter)

1 Decorative button

Flower shaped craft punch

Needle and thread



There are lots of Esty shops
selling seam binding,

Martha Stewart Crafts offers
a lovely selection of flower shaped craft punches.

The cameo button was purchased
at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts


1. Use your flower craft
punch to punch out 140 flowers. (I know it sounds like a lot,
but it’s only two and a half sheet of paper worth of flowers and it
goes fast). (see figure l)

2. Poke a pin through
the center of one of your paper flowers, fold the petals forward and
slide it to the head of the pin. (see figure 2) Add a second
flower to the pin, and slide it forward. (see figure 3)
You will need to make approximately 70 flowers total to cover your ball.

3. Pin the end of your
seam binding to the center of your styro-foam ball ( see figure 4) and
begin wrapping it around the ball. (see figure 5)

4. Completely cover the
ball and leave a 10 inch tail of seam binding. (see figure

5. Make a loop with the
ribbon and secure it to the ball with a pin. (see figure 7)

6. Stick your paper flowers
into the styro-foam ball. Repeat until the ball is completely
covered with flowers.

7. Make a simple bow
(see figure 9) out of the remaining seam binding and attach to the top
of the ball at the base of the ribbon handle using a pin.

8. Use a needle and thread
to stitch your button down at the top of bow. (see figure 10)

What it cost:

Seam binding – $1

Styro-Foam Ball -$.50

Pins -$1.50

Paper – $1.50

Cameo button – $.50

= $5.00


Comments (17)

Jenn | Reply

I love this! One question- it may be a silly- but , how should you attach the bow to the top of the ball? With a pin?
I am not at all crafty!

jessica @ budgetsavvybride | Reply

where on earth did you find styrofoam balls for .50?! LOL… I’ve looked everywhere!

Laurie C | Reply

Jessica,, I found them on clearance at Art Co, our local craft store. I have also bought them at the wholesale flower market for cheap too. i know they are crazy expensive at the major craft stores.

Jenn,, Yes,, with a pin! Sorry i omitted that detail.

Rachel | Reply

What a great project, and easily adaptable colors for holidays, events, etc. Love it! I’ll be linking to this!

Rebecca | Reply

Pretty daisies, dusky color, and the cameo–such a brilliant touch!

maria @ {ritzy bee} | Reply

This might be my favorite so far Emily & Laurie!! :)

Heather @ Southern Weddings | Reply

I can not wait to make one of these! What a fantastic DIY project!

Le'Trice @ Le'Penn Designs | Reply

This is such a great alternative to using real flowers! For my wedding my girls carried pomanders so this post definitely brought back wonderful memories! I love these and I’m definitely going to blog about this project :-)

Michelle | Reply

This is such a great project! So simple yet so dramatic! I will definitley be trying this one!

jeska | Reply

Another beautiful project. I am going to try this one for sure : )

edyta szyszlo photography | Reply

super alternative!! great for those "uh ohs" when flowers fall off before the ceremony!

Arvee C | Reply

This is great! Thanks for sharing.

suz | Reply

this is sooo pretty , i was thinking of using silk flowers to hang on the ceiling along with my paper lantern, in lavender white and duck egg coloured silk flowers wish me luck am about to change it up!!

Jeana | Reply

These are adorable and a super great inexpensive alternative!

Robin | Reply

Any idea on how to weigh these down? I’m afraid mine are too light and will blow away if its windy!

Amy | Reply

Can u list how u made the skulls I couldn’t find it anywhere. I love the idea.