I had back to back appointments all yesterday getting ready for our next Table Trends project(which I can’t wait to share with everyone), so I apologize this project is a day late posting. Laurie wanted to do something a little bit more fun and lighthearted for her weekly DIY project to celebrate Halloween and any possible Halloween weddings coming up in the next month. So, I hope you enjoy our “Newly Webbed” caketopper….


What You’ll Need:

For the spider bodies and base:
2 Styrofoam balls, 3/4″ in diameter
2 Styrofoam balls, 1.5″ in diameter
1 Styrofoam disc, 4″ in diameter, 1″ high
6 skinny black pipe cleaners
4 round-headed pins
Straight pins
Fine black glitter
Glitter glue
14 inches of 1″ wide ribbon
1 sheet of decorative paper
Wire cutters
Small sponge brush
4 Toothpicks

To trim your spiders:
6 inches ruffled ribbon ( for skirt)
12 inches skinny ribbon (for bow tie and bouquet)
20 tiny velvet milliner flowers
A scrap of tulle (approximately 2″ x 5″)
A few spun cotton mushrooms
A bit of moss or lichen

Fine glitter is available and most craft stores carrying
Martha Stewart products or available online at

Spun cotton mushrooms are available at Small Stump.

Velvet flowers and lots of wonderful trims are available at The Tinsel
Trading Co


1.  Begin by poking a wire or toothpick into each of your Styrofoam
balls.  This will act as handle while you glue and glitter the balls
and keep your fingers clean.

2.  Use your sponge paintbrush to coat your first ball with the
glitter glue.  Completely cover the ball surface with glue.

3.  Lay a  sheet of scrap paper on your work surface.    Hold your
ball over the paper and sprinkle the glitter until the ball surface is
covered in glitter.  (see figure 1)

4.  Cover the remaining three balls with glitter, set aside to dry.

5.  When the balls have dried, give them a tap to knock any loose
glitter off.   If you have any “bald spots”  touch them up with glue
and sprinkle on more glitter.   Allow to dry.

6.  When the balls have dried completely, insert a one inch length of
pipe cleaner into one of the smaller balls. (see fig 2)   Now insert
the other end of the pipe cleaner into the larger ball  to join the
spider head and body. (see fig 3)  Repeat with the two remaining

7.  Use your wire cutters to cut the pipe cleaners into 2.5″ lengths.
You’ll need a total of 12 of these for the spider “arms”.  Cut 4 more
pieces for the legs, 3.5″ in length.

8.  Fold all of your spider legs (see fig 4) and arms ( see fig 5)
according to their diagrams.

9.  Insert the arms and legs into the spider bodies, going 1/4 of an
inch deep. (see fig 6)

Groom Spider:

10.  Use your wire cutters to trim the round-headed pins so they are
only 1/4 of an inch long.  Insert the pins into the spider head to
create the eyes. (see fig 7)

11.  Tie a bow around the neck of the room and trim the ribbon tails
to create his bow tie. (see figure 7)

12.  Pin one of the velvet flowers into the groom’s chest with a
straight pin in the flower center for his bouttoniere. (see figure 7)

Bride Spider:
13.  Cut two pins for the bride’s eyes and pin into her head, just
like the groom’s.

14.  Pin the ruffled ribbon around the bride’s waist to create her
skirt.  (see fig 8)

15.  To make the veil, gather the tulle and pin it to the top of her
head.    Put pins through 5 small velvet flower centers.  Stick them
into the head to create a flower crown . (see fig 9)

16.  Arrange 9 of the velvet flowers into a small bouquet, and wrap
the stems with the skinny ribbon. (see fig 10)   Place it in the arms
of the bride, and bend her pipe cleaner arms around it to grip the
bouquet.  (see fig 11)

17.  Cut a paper circle the same diameter as your Styrofoam disc.
Use paper glue (not hot glue, it will melt the Styrofoam) to attach
the paper to the disc.   (see fig 12)

18.  When the paper has dried, pin your one  inch wide  ribbon along
the edge of the disc. (see fig 13)

19.  Use a toothpick to punch four holes through the paper and into
the Styrofoam for the heals of the spiders feet.

20.  Carefully insert the heals into the holes (see fig 14) and
position your spiders so the stand arm in arm ( and arm in arm,  and
arm in arm)

21.  Use your hot glue gun to attach the lichen, mushrooms and flowers
around the spider feet on the top of the base. (see figure 15)

22.  Place on top of your wedding cake:

What it costs:

To create this project, I only purchased to Styrofoam,  glitter, and
pipe cleaners.   All of the trimmings were just bits and pieces I had
in my craft room.   I encourage you to work with what you have.  You
could easily use left overs from other wedding projects to trim your
bride and groom.

Styrofoam: $3.50
Glitter: $5.00
Pipe Cleaners: $1
Total cost $8.50

Laurie, I can’t thank you enough for another fun project!!


Comments (7)

Laurenrach | Reply

This is very possibly the cutest cake topper that I have EVER seen!

kelly429 | Reply

the little bout and bouquet are so cute. it is a tad bit freaky thinking about the idea of spiders being on a cake, but still think it is really fun.

London Bride | Reply

I love these, and they’ve made me think that I want a monkey cake topper for my wedding in January. Any help you or Laurie could offer on this?

Rachel | Reply

This is REALLY freaking cute! I’ll be linking to this.

JoAnne | Reply

Too funny – I’m not really a huge fan of the spiders themselves, but the brown striped paper they are standing on is VERY familiar. I used it in my own wedding decorations and programs!

JOJO | Reply

Very cute idea for a Halloween wedding

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