Laurie really went all out for her DIY project this week by showing us 4 delicous ways to make regular candies stand out from the crowd. I think the bloom version is my favorite! Isn’t it amazing what a little color and detail will do to a regular piece of candy?


Start with a chocolate bar, and remove the paper label, leaving
the inner foil layer in place.  Cut a piece of decorative paper to size
and wrap around the bar so the seam is on the underside.  Use a piece
of double face tape to secure.  Tie a ribbon around the middle and
attach some trim.  I used a paper circle with a rubber stamped
monogram, a spun cotton mushroom, a gold seal and a millinery leaf to
trim this bar.
You could also label the chocolate bars with the guests’ name, and use them as place cards.


Cut a rectangular piece of crepe paper, tissue paper, or decorative
waxed paper.  It should be long enough to wrap around the chocolate 2
or 3 times and the width should be about 4 times the chocolate’s
diameter.  Wrap your  chocolate in your paper.  Tie off  the ends with
a coordinating ribbon.    To make them even fancier, add a layer of
tulle over your paper.    If you’re using crepe paper or tissue paper,
be sure to wrap your chocolate first with a foil candy wrapper so the
oil from the chocolate doesn’t bleed through.


Cut out a card stock circle approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter (or
use a craft punch).    Glue a candy cup (or a mini cupcake liner) in
the center of the circle.   Place a foil wrapped chocolate in the
center.  Make a small bow and glue it  (using a tiny dot of glue with a
LOW temp glue gun)  on the top of your foil-wrapped chocolate.  Create
a monogram using a rubber stamp on a card stock circle and glue in the
center of the bow.


How to Make Your Chocolates “Bloom”
What You’ll Need:
Crepe paper ( or tissue paper)
Ribbon (1/8 of an inch wide)
Wired millinery leaves
Foil wrapped chocolates
Low temp glue gun



1.  Begin by cutting a 6″ (approximately) square of crepe paper.

2.  Fold in half, then into quarters. (See figure 1)
3.  Fold in half again to make a triangle (see figure 2)  and then
fold in half again.   (It’s just like your folding a snowflake).
4.  Cut a rounded “V” in the non pointy end of the triangle.  (see figure 3)
5.  Unfold your crepe paper.  It should be shaped like a daisy. ( see figure 4)
6.  Put a foil-wrapped chocolate in the center of the daisy.  (see figure 5).
7.  Pull the petals up around the chocolate, and tie a ribbon just above the top of the chocolate.
8.  Drop into the candy cup, and fluff your paper flower petals.   Add a wired leaf around the neck to complete.
9.  Arrange on a dish or place a bloom at each place setting.
Candy foils and cups are available at any large craft store or online at Kitchen Krafts
Martha Stewart has beautiful waxed papers for wrapping candies  at Michael’s


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Katie @ The Savvy Event | Reply

These are gorgeous! I am going to have to try the candy wrapper idea for an upcoming party I have!

Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

These are precious. Almost too pretty to east!

katealtmix | Reply

LOVE that last one too! i’m trying that fo sho.

miss pickles press | Reply

ooohh i love that candy bar. gorgeous! i think the simple ideas that aren’t overdone are the best. another great idea is to do this with beautiful luxury french soaps for a nice bridesmaid luncheon gift.

Jeannette | Reply

Adorable gift wraps!

ellie | Reply

ok.. i wasn’t going to do favors at all but this makes me think twice. too cute!

Gina | Reply

You could do that last one for individual place settings also! I’m thinking Christmas…….. really cute ideas!

Laura Bee | Reply

Laurie, as usual your tutorials are tantalizing and inspiring.

I wish I could visit the magical world you create with your pictures.

I’ve been obsessively making crepe paper medallions to use in holiday wrapping – an idea that you generously shared a few weeks back.

Thank you thank you!

dot | Reply

what a great idea! I linked to it here, by the way:

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