Quick Tips and Suggestions from Honey of a Thousand Flowers

  • You can make a garland like this from almost any greenery. I use eucalyptus a lot, bay leaf or oak leaf are also nice.  In the winter months all of the evergreen garlands that you see are made this same way.
  • If you are in a city with a flower market, you should be able to order bulk greens there (or even order a pre-made garland from a wholesaler).  If you do not have a market but do have a business license, you can buy greens from a local floral wholesaler.  You can also order in bulk from places like Costco or without a wholesale license.


Instructions: Honey of A Thousand Flowers // Illustration: Hannah Barganier // Photography: Leo Patrone for Kinfolk


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amanda | Reply

any recomendations for what type of greenery works well for garland? and where to purchase in bulk?

silvana | Reply

Lovely post! I’d love to know what type of greenery works best as well! Cheers!

emily | Reply

Hey Ladies!

We added some tips and suggestions from Sarah in the post. Hope this helps!



chelsea / oh my deer | Reply

such beautiful illustrations! xo

rylee hitchner | photographer | Reply

i love these illustrations! beautiful!

Taylor | Reply

Please offer recommendations for how much eucalyptus is required per foot of finished greenery, thanks so much!

Emma Branch | Reply

I’d also love to know how much greenery you should buy per foot for the garland… I plan on making this for my wedding in September! :)

Ellyn | Reply

How do you preserve the greenery, and how far in advance can this be made?

Rachel King | Reply

Hi! … Once you make these garlands, how long can they stay fresh looking for the wedding? I will be making my own for my wedding. Can I make these a day or two before? What are your tips for keeping them fresh?

Florrie | Reply

This is stunning! I’m making my own garlands for my wedding – Bay leaf I think.
When do I ideally need to make them?
As early as possible would make my life a lot easier! Would two days before the wedding too early?
Any types of foliage last a lot longer than others? I’m trying to avoid eucalyptus as I feel like it’s everywhere right now.
Thanks! Florrie

Stacy Trapletti | Reply

I was curious if you were given a response to your questions. I too am wondering the same thing. Could you please share what you learned. Thanks…Stacy

Wendy | Reply

How do you determine how many bunches to buy in order to create a certain length for table runner. I want to do a eucalyptus runner. How many bunches do I need per 8′? I can’t find a # anywhere.

Cara Lewis-Watts | Reply

I read it takes approximately 3 bunches of eucalyptus per 4′ garland. Hope that helps!