To catch up any new visitors from our feature on Wedding Chicks today or new readers from elsewhere on the web, every Thursday Once Wed features a new DIY wedding project created by the awesome Laurie Cinotto of LaLaLaurie(to see last weeks post click here). We try to post projects and ideas that are not only modern and beautiful, but can work within a budget too. I love how colorful and fun this weeks centerpiece project is. Thanks so much Laurie for lending your incredible talents and creativity to Once Wed. Enjoy!


Cube votive cups or vases (2 inch x 2 inch)
9 inches of ribbon per vase (two inches wide)
Clear double-faced tape
Fabric glue
One gladiola bloom per vase ( Each Gladiola stem yields anywhere from 8 –
12 blooms.)

A good pair of ribbon cutting scissors
A pair of floral clippers or a floral knife

Ribbon (Sakura (red and cream) and Chrysanthemum ( green and cream)
available at Midori ribbon dealers.

Gladiolas: Available at any floral shop or grocery store florist year
round or at your local farmers market during the summer months.

Cube Vases: Available in the floral section of larger craft stores and Target

Begin by thoroughly washing and drying your vases.

Cut one length of ribbon, nine inches long, for each vase.

Lay the vase on it’s side and on the side facing up, run a piece of clear
double-stick tape along the right edge.

Stick the end of the ribbon ( right side up) over the taped edge and be
sure that your ribbon edges line up with the top and bottom of the vase.
Stretch the ribbon around two sides of the vase, run a line of glue on
the top of the ribbon at the point where it’s secured with the tape ( see
figure 1), and continue wrapping until you’ve gone all the way around the
vase. (see figure two) Hold the ribbon down on the glued point for a few
moments, place glued side down , then allow to dry completely.

When the glue is dry, very neatly trim the ribbon, using the edge of the
vase as a guide.

Fill the vase half way with water, cut one single bloom from the gladiola
stem and place in vase. ( see figure 3)

There are a multitude of ways to display these. You can group them
together in a grid, (see figure 4) place them randomly in the center of
the table, or each guest could have one at their place setting.

They could easily be combined with a larger ribbon wrapped bowl filled
with floating gladiola blooms to create a larger display. ( see figure 5)

To keep the ribbon on your wrapped vases and bowls from getting soggy,
fill vases and bowls with water and add the blooms after you arrive at
your reception site.

Test your glue on a small ribbon swatch first. Some glues can discolor
the ribbon.

Don’t use sheer ribbons, only solids. Thicker ribbons work best.

To get more of your blooms to open up on a gladiola stem, break the tip
off just above the top buds on the stem.

Budget: ( for one centerpiece)
9 Cube vases @ $1.50 each = $13.50
1 Gladiola stem $3
3 Yards Midori ribbon @ $5 yard = $15
Total Cost = $31.50


Comments (5)

Kate | Reply

I was just looking at that ribbon the other day and wondering who made it! Thanks! Cute project as well!
I would add a little oasis and maybe one or two more flowers to each vase to give it a fuller look and make it stand up a bit, but it’s very cute!

Laura | Reply

Wow, I’m excited about Laurie’s projects. She did the flowers for my wedding over 5 years ago and she is truly an amazing talent, and such a good person too.

How terrific that she’s willing the share some tricks of the trade here. Kudos to you both.

Lanie | Reply

Keep the projects coming!! I’m really loving this weekly feature.

Eileen | Reply

These are so fresh, beautiful, and modern! I love it. So perfect for a wedding or an outdoor summer dinner party. Thanks for providing such detailed directions as well!

Heather-One Love Photo | Reply

Love this idea! Laurie is the best and we are so lucky to get to see some of her clever ideas. A true TALENT!

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