After much planning and brainstorming, I am so excited to announce a
“DIY Wedding Flowers” workshop I’m putting on in partnership with Joy
in Atlanta,GA. Purchasing wholesale and designing the flowers for your own wedding can
save thousands of dollars, but if you’ve never designed a centerpiece
or know how to source flowers it can be a little daunting. This all day
workshop will cover topics ranging from buying wholesale to preparation to technique and so much more. You will actually create and
take home 4 centerpieces which will range from simple to more
complicated pieces(well cover bouquets too!). The class includes
flowers, supplies, tools, and a “DIY Flowers” take home guide to have
by your side for the weeks leading up to your wedding or event. You don’t have to be
engaged or even planning a wedding to attend and no previous knowledge
of flowers is required. In fact, we created the class specifically in
mind for someone who is just beginning to dip their toes into this

I am so grateful, Joy Thigpen, has agreed to come on board to teach and
create the curriculum. She is one of the kindest and most creative individuals I’ve ever come across and I can’t wait to see what she has
up her sleeve for us the day of. You might also remember her as the
stylist who collaborated with Tec and Chelseaon their adorable wedding below. 

Still struggling with pulling together your ideas and
settling on a cohesive look? Joy will be available the day of to talk
color palettes, textures, ideas, flowers, etc for your own wedding at
no additional charge, so you leave with a game plan and some great direction. We’ve also tried our best to keep the class affordable hoping the money you save in the long term will justify the cost of the workshop and then some.

Details for the 1 Day Atlanta Workshop:
Saturday, May 2009Specific date TBA soon
9:00 – 4:00(hour break for lunch)
Flowers, supplies, tools, and DIY guide included
Complimentary floral/decor consultation with Joy

If you are interested in taking the Atlanta workshop or have any questions, please email me for more info at oncewed{at}gmail.com!

Not in Atlanta? Well, I’m working hard behind the scenes hoping to
bring this to other major cities around the US, so if you are
interested in taking this one day workshop and don’t live in Atlanta if
you could leave in the comment box where you would like us to come and
we’ll do our best to bring this workshop to you.



[Images c/o Jose Villa]


Comments (53)

Samantha | Reply

This looks like so much fun. Can you come to Boston?

Deb | Reply

If you come to New York – I’m in!

Katherine | Reply

I second Boston! This looks like a really great workshop. Beautiful flowers.

Kim C. | Reply

Orlando, Florida please!

Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

CONGRATS! This looks like an amazing class you are offering. I’m not engaged or planning a wedding but someday when I am, I would be psyched to take this class.

Manders | Reply

Philadelphia! Please! But I suppose if you came to NY I could attend that class! So exciting, keep up the great work, Emily!

Jackie | Reply

Chicago please! It would essentially cover the midwest. Keep the wonderful work coming!

LL | Reply

The Bay Area. I would sign up in a second if you came here.

Tanya | Reply

come to LA!!!

Holly | Reply

I am in desperate need of a workshop like this. Please come to san francisco!

Nicole | Reply

New York! Please, please, please!!

Kirby | Reply

Can you come to Chapel Hill? If not, Raliegh or Charlotte would do nicely.

Stacey | Reply

New York City!!!!

Alex | Reply

I second Orlando.

Pia | Reply

New York, please!!!

Natosha | Reply

Nashville! Its a great *next* place to go from Atlanta.

Audrey | Reply

Chicago pretty please!!

Keren | Reply

Washington, DC Please!!!

Kara Jo | Reply

St. Louis or Kansas City MO please!!

Rachel A | Reply

Washington DC please!! :)

Michelle | Reply

Washington DC!

Cait | Reply

NYC or Boston please!

Naomi | Reply

This is something Philadelphia needs!!! Please!

Kisses & Kumquats | Reply

Oh lucky lucky atlanta ladies!!!!!! grrr. I wish i was closer =( looks oh so fun!

Alyssa | Reply

Dallas Texas please!!!

maggie evans | Reply

Somewhere in the Midwest please! St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis!

Katria | Reply

Come to Ananheim, CA!

Kristen | Reply

Boston please!!

ESE | Reply

PLEASE come to Boston!!!

Aharon Hill | Reply

Finally, a class I want to take that is not on the west coast!

Victoria Everman | Reply

I;ve already made the decision to arrange my own flowers for my wedding – I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take this workshop in Hartford, NYC, or Boston (especially Boston – wink wink).

Morgan | Reply

San Francisco/Bay Area please!

lila | Reply

please, please, come to washington dc! and before july! oh, i’d be thrilled!

brandi | Reply

I would absolutely die to have some help with my DIY wedding! If you could organize a workshop in the state of Michigan I would drop everything to come!

kelsi | Reply

Los Angeles, please!!!!!

Courtney | Reply

San Diego! Or at the very least, LA!

Kiri | Reply

San Francisco pretty please!

ThickChick | Reply

The Pac NW please?
Portland, if I’m aloud to be bossy. ;)

Sara | Reply

San Diego puhhlease!

Rebecca | Reply

what a wonderful idea for a wkshp–can’t wait to hear more!

Kirsten | Reply

I would love to attend and even drive down from Chapel Hill, but unfortunately $225 is about the size of my entire flower budget. Any chance of getting a scholarship or doing some sort of trade??

One Barefoot Bride | Reply

I second, or third, the request to come to the SF Bay Area! pretty please…

Brettan | Reply

I posted this on out Events page on WedSpace.com — I love this idea! Wish I was anywhere near Atlanta :)

ashleyana | Reply

Another vote for San Francisco. I’m happy to host!

christi | Reply

saint louis, please!!!!!!

KRIS | Reply

Vancouver, Canada! But since that’s unlikely, I’d also travel to Seattle.

Gemma | Reply

umm… Australia? :) That’s not too far is it?!?

Lil | Reply

Hi, Do you have a way of finding out the information on the groom’s outfit above? It is wonderful!

Laura | Reply

The Washington D.C. area would love to have you! It would be an excellent choice to reach the East Coast diy-bride "market"!

Taylor | Reply

Please please PLEASE come to Nashville! I am obsessed with both your and Joy’s blogs and am having the hardest time figuring out how to tie fall flowers into my blue and gold color scheme!

Rebecca | Reply

HOUSTON – or Dallas will do, just please help me with my flower I-do’s!!

Roxana Romero | Reply

please let me know if you do!

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