These fabric covered flower containers are super easy to make and very inexpensive. By going to IKEA and getting a container for $1, then adding fabric, you have an instant decor piece for your wedding. Pick the fabric, twine or ribbon, and flowers based on your wedding colors to make them completely custom. They are perfect for hanging on the chairs along the aisle. Click “more” below to check out the rest of this project…

-Ashley of Dolci Odille



Supplies: Bygel IKEA containers (only $1 each), spray mount, fabric, twine, scissors, and flowers.

Step 1: Cut a piece of fabric 14″ x 9″

Step 2: Using the spray mount, go outside and spray the entire IKEA container. Make sure to spray a little on the inside rim as well.

Step 3. Take your fabric and tightly wrap it around your container. Make sure to press the fabric firmly against the container and smooth out creases and air bubbles. Tuck the fabric at the top inside the container. Then cut off any excess in the back to make a smooth line.

Step 4: Add twine or ribbon by tying it around the “hook” on the back of the container.

Step 5: Add flowers!


Project created by Dolci Odille


Comments (14)

Teresa | Reply

Gorgeous! Forget about weddings, this is perfect for any event!

jackie@bridesandbabes | Reply

Oh boy…I love this! I’m totally going to post this as my Friday Favorite tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

amy osaba | Reply

those flowers look familier :)
love the post my sweet darling. you ARE the best!

Karen | Reply

What kind of flowers are in these pictures? I love them!

TH | Reply

I think Im gonna have to make this tonight!!

bornay | Reply

loving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley | Reply

the flowers are ranunculus, a pink peony, and scabiosa

Wedding Photographer | Reply

This is such a cute idea and probably really helps save money.

Pallet Stacker | Reply

We have used some similar ideas to spruce up an otherwise dull office.

Wholesale flowers online | Reply

I love this idea. Simple, easy, cheap and fun with flowers!

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