Laurie really enjoys working with tulle, but admits it’s easy to
overlook the beauty of the materiel because it is typically used in all
the wrong ways. She really
wanted to find a way to incorporate it so people could see it’s lovely
airy/ethereal qualities and I definitely think she accomplished her goal
with this DIY. Like with so many of Laurie’s other projects, there are
endless amounts of color choices and variations to complement your
color palette perfectly. I can’t decide which version of the project
I love better? They are both so fun…


What You’ll Need

Tulle ( 6″ wide)   (One 25 yard spool will yield 9 poofs)
Fabric coated wire
Stick-on rhinestones ( 10 – 12 per poof)
A scrap of heavy card stock
Fishing  line
Wire cutters

1.  Cut a length of tulle, two and  a half yards long.

2.  Cut a scrap of card stock 4 inches by 6 inches.

3.  Wrap your length of tulle around the width of the card until you
reach the end.   (see fig 1)

4.  Carefully slide the tulle off the card. (see fig 2)

5.  Cut a 2″ piece of  coated wire and twist it around the center of
the tulle bundle to create a bow shape. (see fig 3)

6.  Slide your scissors through the tulle bow loops and carefully cut
the ends.  Repeat on the other side. (see fig 4)

7.  Begin pulling the tulle layers towards the center.   Fluff and
shape your poof. .   Trim any extra long pieces to make your poof
round. (see fig 5 and 6)

8.  Stick your rhinestones randomly on the poof.    Give them a good
squeeze to be sure they stick.   (see fig 7)

9.  Repeat the steps above to make a collection of the poofs. (see fig 8)

10.   To hang individual poofs, thread your needle with a length of
fishing line and knot the end.   Run it through the center of the poof
and hang.  (see fig 9)

11.  To make a garland, thread your needle with a length of fishing
line and knot the end.  String your poofs on the line and knot the
other end.   (With two spools of tulle, I created a garland about four
and a half feet long.)

What it cost:
2 rolls of tulle @ $4.00 = $8.00
3 packs of stick-on rhinestones @ $2 each = $6
1 spool of fabric coated wire – $2
Total spent =  $16


Comments (14)

jen | Reply

so cute for a little girls room!

TH | Reply

Sooooo Pretty! Thank you Laurie and Emily for all your lovely DIY!

Leslie | Reply

So, so, so charming!!

Laurenrach | Reply

My poor fiance is going to have a poof filled home soon enough! Thanks for yet another incredible DIY post!

Rachel | Reply

This is fabulous! I might make these in orange and black for Halloween. I’ll be linking to this!

Anne | Reply

Wow, that looks beautiful!!

Amanda | Reply

That’s a great idea for baby showers!

Laura | Reply

They are Beautiful! I’m off in search of tulle!

Melissa | Reply

I have never seen tulle look so pretty!

Redframe | Reply

These are unbelievable! I promised my maids I won’t have them doing any diy jobs but I might be about to change my mind… Gorgeous!

The American Homemaker | Reply

Oooo… I think I’m gonna make some of these and put them in a vase or jar or something as a centerpiece for a princess party :)