When I first had the idea of the little diorama in the
box, I thought it would become an invite or save the date. It
evolved into a non traditional wedding album of sorts… a souvenir
or keepsake, a little box of sentiment,  which could be given to the
couple’s parents (or a maid of honor,, or any special person) to
commemorate the day. I think this is an easy one to customize
just by changing colors or the elements in the little scene.  Of
course adding your photos completely makes it your own too!


ACF13BACF13Ccherry tree box1

What You’ll Need:

A small favor or jewelry box with a lid (the one I used was 2.5 x 3.5 inches)
A twig
Tiny flowers (velvet, silk, or paper)
A bit of reindeer moss
Decorative paper
A scrap of ribbon ( about 6 inches long)
Several of your wedding photos (they should be small enough to nest in the lid of your box)
Paper glue
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
A pair of tweezers
Favor boxes and velvet flowers available atPackaging Specialties.   Wedding photos (of my friends Eileen & Matthew) by One Love Photo. .    Wood grain paper was printed by hand using All Night Media’s wood grain rubber stamp (available on line at Plaid )
1.  Open your box, and glue down the center of your ribbon scrap horizontally inside the box lid.  (see figure 1)
2..  Measure the interiors of both the box lid and box bottom.
Cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than these dimensions (one for
the top and one for the bottom).  Glue down these papers  using your
paper glue.   Be sure that the tails of the ribbon in the box lid
remain free.   .  (see figure 2)
3. On a piece of paper, create a design for the top of your box.
You can do this free hand, with  rubber stamps, or use your
computer and print out images or text.  Cut out your design (it should
be the same dimensions as your box lid) and use your paper glue to
adhere it to the box top.    (see figure 3)
3.  Prune a small twig to resemble a tree.  It should be slightly
shorter than the height of of the box.    Use hot glue to attach the
base of the tree to the bottom side of the box.    (see figure 4)
4. Trim the heads off of your tiny flower stems and glue them
(using your glue gun)  on your tree branches.   (I found it easier to
hold them with tweezers during this process).     (see figure 5)
5. Glue moss around the tree base.   Add any additional elements to your tiny scene to make it your own.  (see figure 5)
6.  Place a small stack of your wedding photos  in the box lid.
Use the ribbon to secure the pictures in the box lid by tying the tails
into a bow.     (see figure 6).
What it cost:
Favor boxes – $.75 each (but you get a substantial discount for purchasing in bulk)
Tiny velvet flowers –  $2 for a small bag with four tiny bouquets
Reindeer Moss – $3 for a small bag
Ribbon – $. 79 a yard\
Wood grain rubber stamp – $14.99
Twigs are free!


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Bean | Reply

Laurie, as usual, this is amazing! What a thoughtful keepsake to give to someone.

Heather-onelovephoto | Reply

You know I just LOVE this! That is the best ideas. Look at those little sweethearts in a box. Sometimes I want to time travel back to wonderful weddings I have photographed. That is exactly how I feel about that wedding. So, I just love the idea of putting it in a box-forever! Thank you Laurie!

jeska | Reply

this is so beautiful.

Susan Jones | Reply

What an original wedding idea! Just love it!

Laura | Reply

I just love this! Incredibly adorable!