Lauren’s friend, Kate, made the adorable banner above, and was kind enough to send over a little how to for any one else looking to do same thing for their wedding or any other type of event. Thanks, Kate!

– printed paper, card stock or thicker (Mix and match, the more unusual the
paper…the better!)
– letter templates (optional)
– scissors
– pencil with eraser
– mini clothespins
– jute twine



Step 1: Making your templates
Print out the letters needed for your sign (this is purely if you need help with the shape of the letter!). If you are confident in your own handwriting, draw your own letters, as this makes the sign more unique to you! You will need to cut out the letter
templates to trace as well.

Step 2: Make your letters
On the printed paper, trace the letter templates you have made or draw your ownletters. Mix and match the patterned paper and lettering, and you can also combine upper and lower case lettering! Cut out each letter and erase any left over pencil

Step 3: Hanging your sign
Hang the string, you can tie it on to a pre-existing feature, or you can push two small pins into the wall. Clip the letters to the twine with the mini clothespins and you’re finished!


Comments (16)

Chaucee | Reply

I really loved this banner the first time I saw it. Thanks for posting this DIY. Now I need to find something to celebrate….

Sabrina | Reply

This is so cute! I love this precious idea. I can’t wait to make my very own!

Libby | Reply

Thanks, Kate. I already used your idea to make a “welcome home” banner for friends returning from Kenya!

Lauren Anne Johnson | Reply

Hooray Kate! Thanks for making this banner for our wedding festivities. It was wonderful and defined the theme of our wedding, “Celebrate!”. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

Jessica @ Celebrate It! | Reply

adorable. i LOVE banners!!

jane | Reply

Love the ease of this one. I have some of those mini clothes pins. So easy, so cute!

Accidental Housewife | Reply

Inspired by this I made “Almost” and “Just Married” banners to string across the back of our Jeep using leftover scraps of cardstock that I’d used for our invites. It turned out SO cute AND kept up a little continuity… So much better than some tacky double hearts and plastic tinsel!

Nishant Shah | Reply

Ii is so nice banners. I like this banners.