Chocolate "Wax" Seal Mini Monogramed Cakes

We bought plain petit fours from our local bakery and personalized them by making little “wax” seals out of chocolate. Fun, right? We used a monogrammed wax seal found on etsy and pressed the seal into semi-melted chocolate.

Are you a cake kind of person or are you planning to serve some desserts in addition to or instead of the standard wedding cake? Although, when it comes down to it, petit fours are pretty much in the cake category…. But still…they’re a fairly alternative choice for a wedding.

Photography: Ali Harper // Styling: Joy Thigpen // Chocolate Wax Seals: Dodge and Burned

  1. Oh la la! Please let me know what Etsy store sells the stamps as I am officially now on the market for one!

  2. This is seriously brilliant and simple. I am going to do this for my sister’s wedding shower and then give her the wax seal!

  3. We ordered such a stamp with our own design, to put a wax seal on the back of our wedding invitations. Have a look around, I’m sure there’s a company that can design your very own stamp! You’ll have it forever and there’s so many ways and times you can use it.

  4. Stamping the chocolate is a great idea. Naturally the bespoke, personalised stamps are better that the ‘off the shelf kits’. For instance, with the first letters of your christian names cut into the stamp.

    Suggest, if you are forward thinking enough, you should also use the stamp for your invitations too. Best not seal the invites in chocolate though!! Happy Christmas!

  5. Fantastic idea! These are gorgeous.

    I’ve never tried mine in chocolate before, but I have a couple of the seals they sell here:

    I’m not sure if that’s the store I got mine from or not, but the seals appear to be the same brand. Mine leave crisp impressions in wax and hot glue; I’d imagine they’d do well in chocolate.

    Rubber stamps might work, too–they work in wax–but it will be a different look and, like wax, you’d probably want to rest the stamp on an ice cube between impressions.

  6. Resting the stamp in ice between impressions is a great tip, Elizabeth, thanks!

    There are a ton of wax seal stamps available for sale out there…just google it and use the ‘shopping’ feature. You can have a custom stamp made at very affordable prices or there are a lot of good pre-made options.

    Have fun!

  7. Wonderful idea! Just wondering if you know the exact selling/link on etsy for this stamp. I particularly like the laurel wreath around the initial. Thanks.

  8. Any tips on how to do this? I’m having trouble getting the chocolate the right melty-ness to just stamp them, but when I try putting them in the fridge to harden, I have trouble getting the chocolate off of the stamp without breaking it.

  9. Hi — I didn’t get any response on my earlier comment, so I kept experimenting and thought others who stumble upon this might appreciate my sharing what I learned.

    After trying several different ways to recreate the look above, I found that the only thing that worked for me was to buy the chocolate disc-shaped “candy melts” that they sell at Michael’s (and it comes in lots of different flavors and colors, so it doesn’t have to be brown). I had two seal stamps, so I did two at a time.

    I melted them just a little by blowing hot air on them with a blow drier for about 10 seconds on a piece of tin foil on top of a piece of cardboard. (You’ll have to experiment to figure out how much you need — too long and they spread out too much, too short and they don’t get melted enough). I dipped my stamp in oil, blotted it on a napkin, then stuck the stamp solidly into the chocolate — enough that it would stand on its own. Then I put it in the refridgerator for four minutes. That was long enough for them to harden back up, so that I could use my finger to pop them off of the stamp.

    The only problem with this is that the chocolate isn’t great quality. Hopefully the petit fours are good enough and the amount of chocolate is small enough that it won’t really be noticeable.

    1. Thanks, Brandy!!!
      I was going to ask about chocolate temperature or any tips, because I’ve trying hard for my husband’s birthday with no success….
      Any way, althoug I will do as you say, I’ll keep experimenting with good quality chocolate, and if I get it done, I will tell you…
      If you want to contact me it will be easier in
      Thanks again!!!

  10. Susana, when you are working with real chocolate, it has to be tempered..that is why it is not coming out right for you. Unless you have a tempering machine or can temper by hand, it is better to use the melts they sell at Michael’s. Hope that helps you.

    1. Thanks a lot, Linda.
      I actually tempered the chocolate by hand, as I usually do. But I think the white chocolate is more difficult to use for this recipe than dark chocolate.
      Besides, I don’t think there’s a Michael’s store in Spain, so for me, it’s real chocolate or nothing.
      Also, I have to confess that I haven’t tried it again… But whenever I do I’ll put right here the results.
      Thanks again! :-)

  11. I made modeling chocolate for this. It’s kinda like fondant, but it’s …chocolate and easier to work with.

    1 cup of your choice of chocolate
    4 tablespoons of Corn Syrup
    1 tablespoon of water

    Use warm water (it will make it easier to combine everything)
    Melt your chocolate
    Mix your corn syrup and water together, then add to melted chocolate.
    Only stir until there is no separation from the syrup and chocolate.

    Place onto a large piece of plastic wrap. Fold on side over and flatten the chocolate out a bit to make it easier for the molding chocolate to set.

    You can leave it out over night or refrigerate for 4 hours. I do not recommend storing this in the fridge.

    Pros of modeling chocolate vs. fondant, modeling chocolate doesn’t dry out. Modeling chocolate doesn’t crack. Modeling chocolate taste 100x better (in my opinion.)

  12. This is a great idea. This would be nice for a wedding. Or anniversary. Petite fours. I own a seal im going to try this

  13. I was so excited to find this. I have been asked to make my Petite Fours for the dessert bar at my nephews weddng in June. I have been searching for a unique way to decorate them. I showed this to his bride and she loves the idea.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. I’ve been looking in vain for the exact wax seal stamp shown in the photo. No luck, on Etsy or otherwise! I love the wreath-wrapped initial. If anyone has had any luck, please let me know. Thank you!!

  15. Michaels Arts and Crafts sells wax seals. I bought one last week. It’s in the wedding section, $4.99. They also have a rose and double heart wax stamps.

  16. I also found them on ebay. The only catch is that you may have to buy the stamp head and the handle separately. Even when purchased this way, they are inexpensive. They have the block letters with the laurel wreath or cursive letters without the laurel wreath.

  17. Anyone who wants to use this idea PLEASE don’t waste your time using actual chocolate. This technique uses a chocolate paste/modelling chocolate/chocolate plastique which you can buy online or make.

  18. You can buy wax seal stamps at Michaels or most craft stores. Check out Martha Stewart items as well as the wedding section

  19. Your Comment here…Okay, after trying this all day, even using the hair dryer idea, which worked but was SO time consuming and messy – I got it down and its soooooooo easy.
    Melt semi sweet or good quality dark chocolate in the microwave, checking it often until it is almost melted. Take out of the microwave, stir it until smooth and leave until just barely warm to the touch. In a bowl have crushed ice, put your stamp in the ice. Lay parchment or wax paper on a baking sheet and drop small amounts of chocolate (dime size) on the paper. Dab the stamper on a paper towel to remove excess water and press into the round of melted chocolate. Put stamper back in ice and continue on till your chocolate is all stamped. Put in refrigerator until set. This works flawlessly. Just make sure you put the stamp in the crushed ice before stamping.

  20. Hi,

    What an idea!!!!!!
    But I’ve a question, does it work on white chocolate!????

    Neeeeeed a Reply :’)


  21. Wow such a unique Idea. Seal on the cake made it extraordinary. It looks mouthwatering as well. Would you please share temperature of the wax seal out of the chocolate? Apart from this, the photos of the cake gives more eye catchy looks. Great photography hand I must say.

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