Ben and Jamie are absolutely brilliant. To say a meaningful thank you to the individuals who helped out with their amazing Joshua Tree wedding(I can’t wait till Jamie’s guest blog!), they gocco printed and framed a set of custom prints with memories from their wedding day. They wrapped the print in a gocco-ed brown paper bags tied with string and attached their thank you card with a beautiful polaroid from the wedding. To see more details from this wonderful project, click here.


Comments (8)

LK | Reply

I love this!! It’s so personal and specific to their wedding. I wish I were this creative!

sadie | Reply

what a thoughtful gift! i can’t wait to your guest blog too. i want to learn more about your lovely wedding.

Chelsea | Reply

Yes, Brilliant!!!

Caroline | Reply

so fun and different. i would love to receive a gift like this in the mail.

Courtney | Reply

I love this! What a sweet thank you, and the wrapping is perfect.

Celine | Reply

so well styled! Their guests must have loved it!

Truly Smitten | Reply

LOVE the illustration and packaging. Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca | Reply

Joshua Tree–such an amazing place. Love the owl there-sweet!

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