Oscar De La Renta Preowned Wedding Dresses

Amazing Oscar De La Renta Preowned Wedding Dresses
Stunning Oscar De La Renta Preowned Wedding Dresses

About the designer…

Oscar de la Renta is a name that conjures thoughts of bridal bliss. Oscar de la Renta is perhaps the be all and end all of bridal couture. Oscar de la Renta launched his fashion line in 1965 and he soon became one of the most recognizable couturiers when he was chosen to dress Jacqueline Kennedy. Throughout the years, his fashions have flourished and today, de la Renta’s fashion house continues dressing women in the most exquisite clothing and accessories. And, since the 2008 movie of Sex in the City, when Carrie donned a fitted meticulously detailed de la Renta number, women have loved the 3D floral appliques that have become a staple of so many of his couture creations. Oscar de la Renta preowned wedding dresses.

Beautiful Oscar De La Renta Preowned Wedding Dresses

Are you an Oscar De La Renta Bride?

It’s pure fate when you come across a de la Renta design. The intricate use of lace, dreamy appliqués of blooms and romantic silhouettes will capture the viewer. Each preowned Oscar De La Renta wedding gown is simply elegant in its construction and completely covet worthy. If you’re an Oscar de la Renta bride, you love finely detailed garments and appreciate the natural grace his gowns typically exude. As a person, you’re on trend with the highest of fashion-you’re the principal of vogue in your group of friends. And you know when you have encountered a de la Renta dress. You’re a classic bride with an affinity for romance mixed with fashion. And, you desire something more exclusive, more inventive, and more noteworthy in your wedding gown. Your inclined toward Oscar de la Renta for that very reason-he is a couturier and true craftsman of the trade. You crave the dreams his dresses invoke- the Chantilly lace with low side pleat, the white floral applique and sequin embroidered tulle cathedral veil, or perhaps, the ivory-corded leaf lace sweetheart gown with flower applique and sequin embroidery. You want your own ending wrapped in couture fashion. Are you a Oscar de la Renta bride?

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Lovely Oscar De La Renta Preowned Wedding Dresses

Buying an Oscar De La Renta Dress

And wearing one of these lovely wedding gowns doesn’t mean you have to fork over your entire honeymoon fund. No, it certainly does not.  No longer do you have to break the wedding bank to find the Jackie Kennedy inspired-look you want to achieve. When you take a minute to browse our designs of preowned Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses, you may find the lace-sleeved ball gown almost identical to Kate Middleton’s that you thought was myth and out of reach, actually is right within your grasp. Regardless of whether your purchase a new Oscar de la Renta gown or a gently preowned Oscar de la Renta wedding dress from us, you’ll be sure to captivate at your wedding knowing you’re in a wedding gown that represents your affinity for the feminine and the details. So, take a second, sift through our collection of preowned Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses and find out what kind of haute couture bride you would like to be.