Marchesa Preowned Wedding Dresses

Stunning Marchesa Preowned Wedding Dresses
Beautiful Marchesa Preowned Wedding Dresses

About the designer…

Marchesa began in 2004 by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. The brand was named after socialite Marchesa Luisa Casati. It all began when Georgina and Keren met at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. Keren’s background in print and embroidery design mixed with Georgina’s draping and design expertise led to the brand’s perfect establishment. And since the inception of Marchesa, the designers’ creations have graced the bodies of celebrities like Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock, and most recently, Blake Lively at her wedding to Ryan Reynolds. And, while Marchesa’s bridal line is still somewhat fresh to the wedding world, the designers know what brides want. The brand’s silhouettes are targeted toward women who want to look beautiful, feel comfortable, and just enjoy their important day with the man of their dreams. When a bride puts on a Marchesa wedding gown, she represents beauty at its best because she is in a piece that represents her aesthetic, her shape, and her comfort level. View our Marchesa preowned wedding dresses.

Amazing Marchesa Preowned Wedding Dresses

Are you a Marchesa Bride?

Georgina and Keren have created a perfect juxtaposition of ornate details and simple silhouettes. The duo are complete pros at mixing the delicate with the modern. Their designs are perfect for a variety of brides looking to create unforgettable moments with their gown and wedding. Looking for floral embellishments with dainty crystals? Do you prefer a short wedding dress to a long one? Not a problem. Perhaps, you want the simplicity of a straight sheath? Or, maybe, it’s a pleated voluminous gown with layers of frothy tulle? Regardless, of your choice, Marchesa’s dress architecture is so exquisite and fine- with just the right amount of allure to capture you attention. You know you’ve met a preowned Marchesa wedding dress when you feel the ornate lace details that cascade across it like the backs of butterfly wings. And yet, the way the construction of the gowns falls, it seems like you could dance easily across the ballroom. Are you a Marchesa bride?

Photo by Jose Villa

Lovely Marchesa Preowned Wedding Dresses

Buying a Marchesa Dress

And wearing one of these lovely wedding gowns doesn’t mean you have to fork over your entire wallet and wedding budget. Insert our collection of preownedMarchesa wedding gowns- a gift passed down from us to you by the wedding dress fairy godmother herself. No longer do you have to worry about breaking the wedding bank to find the subtle and delicate look you want. Take a minute to peruse our designs of preowned Marchesa wedding dresses, you may just find that one draped tulle number with embroidered underlay and trumpet base you couldn’t live without, does in fact, actually exist at the right price. Regardless of whether your purchase a new wedding dress from Marchesa or a gently preowned Marchesa wedding dress from us, you’ll be sure to captivate on your big day knowing you’re in a wedding gown that is the embodiment of comfort and yet, worthy of your bridal beauty. So, take a second, peruse our collection of preowned Marchesa wedding dresses and find out what kind of Marchesa bride you would like to be.